#320 – Practice

I loved making paper airplanes. There was a book I found at the library with lots of cool designs. My friends and I would experiment with different techniques, using paper clips or taping pennies to the nose for strategic weight balancing. We had a competition in school once to see who could get the longest hang time. Most people chose a design that is good for distance flying buy I favored one that is good for loops. I lucked out with a favorable wind that kept bouncing the plane back up into the sky beating all the other times by 30 or 40 seconds.


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  1. SpriteMeister says:

    Another great Biff idea. I wonder how he’ll screw this one up…

  2. Lucretiel says:

    Not sure if I get this one… do you mean the TV remote?

  3. Tink says:

    wow, this is the highest ive been up.
    but anyway, great comic!
    mini planes are always fun XD

  4. Space_For_Rent says:

    @ Lucretiel

    So far as I can tell, yes, he does. I think that Biff is trying to work on his paper airplane force and accuracy by practicing using the plane to press the buttons on his television instead of using the remote control.

  5. Freak199 says:

    That’s awesome. One frame and I’m rolling with laughter.

  6. cyber95 says:

    Lucretiel: Yeah, the TV remote, that way he can hit the button with paper airplanes.

  7. Awww, now this was cute.

  8. Arctic_fox says:

    lol i tried that with a pair of rockets once ^^ worked really well till the rockets exploded (to be clear i taped a bottle rocket to each side of the paper airplane that was designed to go into a steady flight upwards)

  9. Bunnyman says:

    I could never make paper airplanes. My friends all could, and they tried to teach me, but I just couldn’t. They either wouldn’t fly at all, or just came out as some mutated origami swan-thing. I mean, sure, I managed once or twice, but they never really got very far, and when they did, something happened to drive them into either my or a friend’s eye. As far as strategies go, my friends stapled the bottoms and the nose of their airplanes. I think the most they ever got flying was an airplane made from a sheet of xerox paper with ten staples.

    Great comic as usual. I’ve also tried various things to make otherwise remote-controlled (or just plain distant) objects to operate. It… It doesn’t generally work…

  10. Sleepingorange says:

    Why, hello there, Biff.
    What is it that you do now?
    I see: plane contest.

    Nice. A month no less.
    So much you do to improve.
    Yet, each one, a miss.

  11. Paulo says:

    I’m wondering how many sheets of paper he had to go through.

  12. Robin says:

    Holy Hannah, that’s great.

    Keep practicing, Biff!! We’re all rooting for you!!

  13. Seraphine says:

    Remote to direct control
    is the dream of all over-achievers.
    Biff realizes his dream!

  14. Hyshinara says:

    in school, I once threw an airplane out of the second storey window and it ended up on the roof of the 4 storey building on the other side of the playground. 😀

  15. Pride says:

    I made a very large paper air plane once and I threw it off the roof it got some distance as well as hight. It landed in the pool.

  16. Arc says:

    Used to make em all the time back in school. The teacher turned around and the planes hit the blackboard.

  17. Gobbledegook says:

    I actually laughed out loud when I read this one.
    This is one of the most refreshingly creative strips on the web.

    When I was in seventh grade my entire physics class had a contest to see whose paper airplane could go the longest/ stay in the air the longest.
    I got all fancy with the wing folds, and made something that would always be “pulling up”. We all threw it at the same time, and I managed to throw it into a breeze, which made the wings work perfectly (it started doing a loop-de-loop act as soon as it left my hand). I came in second place since mine stayed up in the air the longest, but only went about 6 feet.

  18. Melindotty says:

    I’ve never successfully made a paper airplane 🙁

  19. Ela says:

    Hurray for Biff! He’s LEARNED!!

  20. Barret says:

    We had a paper plane contest back in my fourth grade and a girl didn’t know how to make one so I helped her and sure enough, she got first place and mine fell shorter than most others. Not fair.

  21. My grade eight science class was going to do the whole paper airplane contest thing, but it wasn’t very well-organized, so we just ended up wasting a week of class time (and lots of paper) doing nothing but tossing paper planes around the classroom.

  22. Sye216 says:

    Ahhh…Paper airplanes. Good times, good times…
    My dad and I used to have paper airplane fights when I was a kid. Back then I couldn’t get them to stay together, so they’d always be falling apart, so I’d staple them. But the staples weighed them down, so I learned! Eventually I got great at paper airplane flying, and I recently threw one off the roof. It landed in the gutter of a house a block away. 😀

  23. Ben says:

    ZOMG Biff inspired Haiku!

  24. SEA says:

    Awesome ! I just went through all the comics and i can say you ROCK !

    Biff must have a wicked aim and throwing power when he is done doing that for a month
    Great comic chris =D

  25. dragonbrad says:

    if ihad the instructio ns, i could give you the design of my secret airplane

  26. the Scarf says:

    In history we had a contest….these three people banded together and taped a huge amount of paper into a GIGANTIC airplane…It was really flimsy though, so it didn’t go anywhere…it just sort of….flopped…

  27. Someone from a location says:

    I remember once I made a paper airplane out of a starburst wrapper, good times, good times.
    Cept, they weren’t good times if you count all the other stuff that happened since I was in a school where apparently it’s a standard to have your brain surgecily removed.

  28. Doc Spooky says:

    I think he might get the mini plane stuck in his eye ;(

  29. 1 wolffan says:

    Biff is clearly a genius… sometimes.
    He must be bi-polar
    Genius half the time “Uber-fail” the rest.

  30. Mach10X says:

    Check out the omniwing paper airplane. The best flying paper airplane ever! This thing is basically a paper hang glider. http://www.omniwing.com/

  31. Tech says:

    I remember in science class one year we made soda bottle rockets; I put wings on mine to make it spin. I got second place.

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