#307 – Mix

Whenever there is some sort of snack mix or mixed nuts kind of thing at a party I like to eat them a handful at a time. My wife, however is a picker chooser. She’ll come over to your house and eat all the cashews out of your party mix. She sometimes does the opposite though. Whenever she eat chili she leaves a bowl of beans on the table. 🙂


0 thoughts on “#307 – Mix”

  1. halomater says:

    ahhh man good old biff

  2. Chuck says:

    I eat all the pretzels and Chex pieces.

  3. Krasno says:

    Mmmhhh… Penauts!

  4. Jimbo says:

    Real chili doesn’t have beans.

  5. A Captain says:

    I thought this was a follow-up on the cookie-jar comic–that it had shattered all over his hand or something. Ouch!

    But now that I know what it’s about, I can say I really sympathise with Biff. I just got a tattoo so I’ve been liberally applying lotion all up and down my arm for the past week. Anything from remote controls to armrests to hamburgers has become… well, sticky at one point or another during this time. Yuck.

  6. Zod says:

    Ha! Just made it through the complete series.

    Chris, you have gone Far beyond flaming hammers, and I am most impressed. You are an innovative, and interesting cartoonist. Very nice 🙂

  7. Roanthehero says:

    I tend to be more of a handful guy myself. Up until recently, I use to take all of the good stuff off of my hamburgers or anything. Use to be a bit of a picker as well. NOW!….i live life on the wild side, handfuls of different foods, and everything on my burgers.

    Step aside….bad man comin threw.

  8. Brett says:


    Anyways, very nice comic Chris. Keep up the good work!

  9. Edward Penguin says:

    I have enjoyed all 307 comics in the last two days and consider it time well wasted. I plan to continue wasting time in this most glorious manner. Huzzah for Chris and the Book of Biff!

  10. Bunnyman says:

    Over the many… Months I’ve been reading this comic, there are two things I’ve been wondering about…

    1: Does Biff even have eyes?

    2: This looks like it should be in a newspaper. Why is this not in a newspaper? THE INTERNET-CHALLENGED MUST READ THIS! Legally, I mean.

  11. The Crack Ninja says:

    Biff makes me feel slightly more sane. It’s nice to know that there is someone out there that faces the same types of chananges I face. I mean, without Biff I may repeat his same mistakes.

    Thank you Biff (and Chris of course).

  12. Kiwi says:

    I love how he’s looking off into the distance… a true portrayal of realization. 😀
    His mouth’s a little off to the right, though, isn’t it?

  13. RFPT says:

    ah, the snack mix. with the noodles, peanuts, dried peas, other nuts, soy crisps….
    i’m so hungry. I hate being poor.

  14. dragonbrad says:

    it isn’t as funny thats happened to me. :p

  15. Chris says:

    Zod, Edward Penguin – thank you both. I’m glad you like the comics.

    Bunnyman – yes he has eyes. 🙂

  16. Benj says:

    I hate lotion for this very reason. I’ll let my hands become dry and cracked before I will ever use it. I do the same thing with Chapstick. I feel like I can’t drink anything without getting all over the object I’m drinking from (glass cup, can, bottle, etc.)

  17. Ghostviper says:

    that would suck…. cause no one would eat the mix then… if they knew…

    and i do the same thing with chili as your wife…
    i just dont like beans =/

  18. Garrett says:

    At least the bean-avoiders don’t get all the gas that the others get.
    Mmm, lotion-flavored Chex Mix.

  19. Chuck says:

    Actually if you eat beans regularly your body gets pretty good at digesting them and they don’t give you a problem.

  20. MoonWolf says:

    To apply lotion before sampling the snack mix…Can’t say I’m a stranger to that. But when I did it, instead of pieces of snack mix sticking to the lotion, lotion stuck to the pieces of snack mix and…well, let’s just say I had a pretty interesting day followed by a whole night in the bathroom.

  21. Mr dude says:


  22. the Scarf says:

    I always put on a huge amount of carmex on my lips before I go to bed, otherwise I wake up with horribly cracked lips…

    I never use lotion on my hands, for that very reason…
    Of course, it happens anyways….I don’t know why..

  23. Elkian says:

    Who plunges their hand right in?! That isn’t sneaky at all!

  24. yeremy yao says:

    biff, i know where your coming from

  25. Allie says:

    Our dogs is a pain when you have dry hands because they love the taste of lotion and will lick it all off after you put it on your hands or body. I have to hide in the bathroom until it dries if I have any hope of not being slobbered on.

  26. Faranior says:

    I just got reminded of the scene in the beginning of Hot Shots 2 where they to prepare for the fight dip their hands in different kinds of candy and sprinkle.

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