#303 – Bargain

I loved going to garage sales with my mom when I was a kid. Sometimes they were called yard sales and when I lived back east they were called tag sales. I got some great toys back then for fifty cents. What’s the best deal you ever got at a (insert regional name) sale?


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  1. Christian says:

    Haha… I do this with a car and roads every couple of weekends. You can find some pretty cool stuff at yard sales, whether it be old video games and systems, gadgets, TVs, tapes… Really fun.

    I just don’t like clothes.
    They stink and have mysterious stains.

  2. ElGeFe says:

    Ooh, yard sales have great stuff.
    My best deal? Mmm, I would have to say my clarinet which was appraised at around a thousand dollars, I payed 2 dollars for it XD
    This was when I lived in Fl. In Venezuela this types of sales are almost non existent.

  3. Chuck says:

    I’ve never gotten anything but when I was like 8 my 13 year old neighbor sold my Cat int he Hat book to the mail lady in her mini yard sale. We were supposed to split the money. Didn’t happen. Never trust older kids!

  4. C4Pottery says:

    My Futon and Satellite chair cost 20 bucks each. I get good deals. Though the best deal I’ve ever gotten is my deathray. The guy couldn’t find the right power source and sold it for a peasant’s ransom. Turns out, the D batteries cost me more than it did.

  5. Micah says:

    Did he flood the streets like Homer Simpson did that one time? (He put all the welcome mats on the gutters and broke open the fire extinguisher.)

  6. The best thing I got was a chicken alarm clock for $2.

    No, not really. I got a brand new TV for $20. It works perfectly. 😀

  7. Lucretiel says:

    uhhhh…. not really sure what to say to this one. I guess I really like to sail…

  8. Strifey says:

    Best thing I ever got at a yard/garage sale was a mint copy of Suikoden II for $5, worth about $150. Pretty much impossible to find unless you look online.

  9. James says:

    I got a new garage. For only $5! Handy, because my old one was beginning to leak, and I couldn’t get to the good deals fast enough because I was baling water out.

  10. unixrevolution says:

    I love yard sales, and thrift stores. nowadays i look for board games. Back in the day my best Yard Sale find was a working capuccino machine for $2.

  11. Toby says:

    A few weeks ago, my parents struck up a conversation with garage sale people. We were getting new furniture for my brother to bring to graduate school. They realized that they used to be teachers at Cooperstown or something, and that’s where my brother was going. We got like 10 pieces of furniture for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Pretty good deal, eh?

  12. Tony says:

    Best deal I ever got was a 1985 Monte Carlo SS in near mint condition for $1000 bucks. I went with my fiancee to this yard sale and this lady was selling all her divorced husbands things. The car was sitting there in the garage covered in clothes. i was like “The car for sale?” and she laughed and said “What you offer?” and as a joke I said “A Grand”. She goes “SOLD!”

    It was her husbands car, she had no need or emotional attachment for it. The car, in the condition it was in, was worth over $9000 at a bargain price. She signed the title over to me right there and I drove it home. Thats was a good deal.

  13. Eleanor says:

    The best deal I got was about five retired beanies (which go up a lot in price if you know where to sell them) for £2. Or maybe the painting I found for £0.50.
    Still, I get the best discounts, ’cause I still look like a ten year old if I dig out the old San Francisco t-shirt. Hehehehe.

    A car? Wow.

    I love car boot sales and fairs, in my village, we have a fair of some sort nearly every week, usually an antiques fair. I need to go sale surfing again sometime.

  14. soulofaqua says:

    here in holland we hardly have any yard sales only weekly, monthly or yearly markets and the biggest of them all is queens day(yearly) where we celebrate our queen by selling stuff on some rags in the center of the city and the parks

  15. Chandler says:

    I remember when I was young I went to a yard sale and found an old fashioned hand drill.. I was about 8 so the thing fascinated me. Best deal I ever got was about a ton of Kenex for $5?

  16. Drake94 says:

    I never really shop at yardsales. I think it’s because I had a bad experience with them when I was younger. My mom sold alot of my toys at a garagesale when I was 9… I haven’t liked them since.

  17. Foxwolf0 says:

    I went to yard sale only once. it was ok, but you got to wake up early enough to get any of the realy good stuff. i was fortunate enough to find an Attari 2600, that worked. I was so suprised when i first hooked it in a played it for a good while. But, then maybe I wasn’t as futunate as I thought I was. The Attari 2600 adds a new meaning to timeing and slow reaction.

  18. Gobbledegook says:

    The last time my family tried to have a garage sale, my dad (a retired Marine and war veteran) decided to get his trusty semiautomatic bb-gun and get rid of a couple starlings that had made a nest in one of our air-conditioning vents. He decked himself out in his old vietnam-war camo gear (helmet and everything) and hid himself in the bushes in front of our house. Every now and then he’d pop out and start shooting like a madman at those poor birds.
    He didn’t hit anything, but by the time he was done both of our next-door neighbors had grabbed their bb-guns and were hiding in the bushes with him.
    Both birds survived, and we didn’t sell much that day.

  19. Benj says:

    My mom and her 3 sisters have a huge garage/yard/tag sale every year. I always hope that she comes back with a lot less crap than she left with, but that’s almost never the case.

    I don’t go to sales often but I did once go to a place where these people had up and left their trailer and the landowner was giving away all the stuff they didn’t take for free. I got a decent radio but my cousin found a SNES.

  20. Macabelle says:

    The best thing Macabelle found was a giant fighting robot… Jk

    Macabelle received a NES in near-perfect condition with 3 controllers, and 2 duck hunt pistols with 3 different games for $5.99 (without bartering)

  21. Krystal says:

    I remember a couple of years back I went to a garage sale and scored a nifty brand new webcam for only .50 My siblings and I used to have so much fun using it and some dollar tree play-dough to make many an odd clay-mation.

  22. dragonbrad says:

    my favorite thing from a garage sale was a big ole bag of water ballons itr was like a mayo jar full of balloons for ten cents

  23. gDamascus says:

    Hah, we’re actually getting ready to have a garage sale tomorrow. The best stuff comes from garage sales.

  24. wrincewind says:

    i think the best i ever got at a Car Boot Sale was an amiga 600, complete with over 200 games, mouse, joypad and joystick for five quid [ten dollars]

  25. Large laundry basket full of Lego for about $5. My siblings and I still have all of it too, and we’re almost-done-high-school/halfway-through-college/finished-with-college. Lego is awesome stuff.

  26. Sye216 says:

    I may not GET anything good at garage sales, but I know I’ve sold some stuff. When we didn’t need our Dreamcast Anymore, We sold it in a garage sale with the few games we had.

  27. Kim Possible says:

    I don’t often go to garage sales but i remember when i was little, the people down at the end of out street were moving and selling all the stuff they didn’t want. I went with my mum and begged her to buy me a big horse toy, it was only $3 i think. It was my favourite toy for years and i still have it in clear view in my room 9 years later.
    ~God Bless~

  28. Brendan says:

    one time i went to a huge neighbourhood sale and found a guy selling the old 80’s style GI Joes in grab bags the size of two balled up fists for 10 dollars. I only had 5 at the time and had to get my little brother to go halfsies with me. A few weeks later I found a VENOM troop transport for like a buck. Those GI Joes were some of my favourite toys as a child.

  29. Laje Kahr says:

    Garage sailing!!!


    Pure genius! I totally had to share this one with my wife.

  30. Naxokta says:

    My best deal would be the original game console– A first-gen Atari for four bucks. It came with five space invaders cartridges.

  31. Debbie says:

    My best yard sale/car boot sale item ever? A brand-new Barcalounger for $15. Second-best item was a set of 5 Belleek shamrock vases for $4.

  32. Radical Edward says:

    I got these at a flea market:
    A Rainbow Brite doll and her horse as a plushie.

    I think I gave those to my cousins. Shame, since they’re worth lots of money.

  33. Anne says:

    The best deal I ever got at a garage sale was a letter from the famous Sir Charlie Chaplin. The seller inherited it from her grandmother or something, she sold it for (I forgot, but it was)

  34. Anne says:

    less than $10 (hmm…why did I get cut off?)

  35. MoX says:

    an old shotgun worth around 8000$ for 40$ my dad said the widow of the guy who owned it wouldn’t take any more. i am not sure how much he pressed the issue.

  36. snakeadelic says:

    Best deals? Hmm, small but fun stuff…17″ computer monitor, in excellent working condition, $5. Model horse that turned out to be older than me and worth maybe $50, $2. Got to one yard sale a couple years ago as they were packing up and they told us to grab what we wanted and take it away or it was all going to charity anyway. We snagged, among other things, a queen-size comforter and a full set of animal encyclopedias I’d had as a kid but lost somewhere along the line. Worked a charity yard sale not long after that and ended up bringing home like $80 worth of stuff (at yard sale prices) for about $10 on Dollar-a-Bag-Day.

  37. Chelsey-Wa says:

    The best deal I ever got was an Aurora Borealis beaded necklace(antique, 1940’s) for five dollars. I had it appraised and that same necklace is worth over two hundred now.

  38. Lance says:

    I once got the first three Shanarra books for fifty cents. And that’s not fifty cents each, that’s fifty cents for all three. I’d already read them, but heck, you just can’t pass up that kind of deal. Looking back, I should’ve kept looking. Might’ve found some awesome sci-fi.

  39. Bakelite says:

    My best deal at a car boot sale was a whole load of Rolling Stones test-pressing LPs (pressed on one side but not the other) for £10. That still doesn’t beat the time when an early ’70s Rega Planet record deck turned up at a book shop for £35. The owner thought he was ripping me off, but it’s worth £400. Take that, book shop owner!

  40. Azrien says:

    I purchased a trilobyte fossil for $1. They thought it was fake. The city museum tested it and it ended up being from the Silurian era- 450 million years old. 🙂

  41. Ani says:

    One time I found a teddy bear in a free box at a garage sale. I has no real value but it has a lot of sentimental value. I name it Chaz. 😀

  42. Yuan says:

    BRILLIANT. I find myself saying that to myself at a lot of these, actually.

  43. A.J.という海賊 says:

    Classical guitar, covered in totally awesome Mario stickers. Some of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, one up mushroom, and the likes! I thought that made it even better. Needed new strings, but that was only about 12 dollars (Canadian). The guitar itself was two. I got it with two Pokemon VHS movies for a grand total of 3 bucks. I gave the movies to my friend, Sean, who loves Pokemon.

  44. Marr965 says:

    I once saw a car being sold for £200.

  45. DauntedPeak says:

    About 6 golf clubs worth 4 bucks. one was a antic and was thought to be worth about 200 buck

  46. SurveySays says:

    best thing i remember getting was a special bag made for rollerblades. that was my favorite thing to do as a kid and they were ackward to carry so i was excited. i paid a dollar for it and when i got home i found 5 dollars in it.

  47. Tech says:

    A copy of Die Hard and The Saint movie.

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