#262 – Straw

I loved straws when I was a kid. At a minimum I had to have a bendy straw. Those boring straight straws were only good for connecting together into a giant straw so that you could drink your milk from the floor. My favorite straw was always the crazy straw. I never drank very quickly with them. I spent most of the time just watching the milk slowly twist its way through all of the curves.


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  1. anon. says:

    oh man those straws were the best, the curvy ones I threw a tantrum the day my dad threw mine out not realizing it was reusable, I was crushed

    . how’d you get linking straws to work, did you use tape? there were too many leaks for the vaccum to be strong enough when I tried that…

  2. Synchro says:

    Perhaps a meatloaf shake would work? Some cream or vanilla ice cream could do wonders.

  3. Jokuki says:

    i was trying to get first post but oh well second works. I still connect my straws (Im still young so yeah) but not very often. I don’t like how you can buy a regular straw from the store but cannot connect those to your soft drinks you but at the mall. And Anon. this is how i connect my straws. All i do is pinch the tip end of the straw to make a V shape then i just make it longer by running my fingers. After that i insert it into another straw end and release there you go a super long straw ^_^.

    Those crazy straws never really grew on me. Its probably because i usually can’t drink enough because i ran out of breath, but it was fun when me and my friends raced each other with our straws to see who can drink the fastest.

  4. P. Reaper says:

    Biff needs to get himself one of those slushie straws. They are alot wider.

    Fourth post! =o-o=

  5. Squall says:

    yeah, that floormilk was always the best. I’m not a huge fan of straws, probably because I am not a big fan of zombies and straws are very zobiesque with their draining of fluids and such. One thing i do like about straws is where you wind them up and then have somebody flick the pocket of trapped air. That sound is the best, and I’ve found that the black straws you get from more middle-fancy places make the best noise.

  6. Toshmate! says:

    haha, i thought the crazy straws didnt work too well.. then i got a good one. boooooy did my thoughts change!!

  7. Eleanor says:

    I think the only good thing about those straight straws is blowing the wrapper at people. That’s fun.
    I once joined about four crazy straws together, had the entire glass of whatever it was in the straws at once.

  8. Seraphine says:

    I am not sure that a straw is Biff’s problem unless he’s drinking one of my Aunt Lucille’s meatloaves. He should throw it away and go to Baskin Robbins for ice cream instead. With me. *grin

  9. FinalDragoon says:

    I used to have fun with those zany straws myself (yes, I said zany). Sometimes, I wouldn’t even let my drink get to the top of the straw, I’d just stop inhaling and watch the fluid reverse itself through the straw. Oh, the days of youth.

  10. Elli says:

    Squall, I never would’ve made that connection if it weren’t for you. D:

    But I like zombies, so it’s cool. XD

    As for the comic, it made me start craving meatloaf. Mmm… Meatloaf…

  11. looks like yesterday’s lunch

  12. Bullet Fiend says:

    The most awesome crazy straws were the spiraling ones

  13. Cool Joe Smith says:

    Yeah… he should use a PVC pipe… that way he can drink it…

    i used to love connecting straws together to make a circle…

  14. DomanickX says:

    DUDE! I just had meatloaf last night!
    Biff is following me…

  15. Gobbledegook says:

    Crazy straws are awesome!

    Biff should try going to Mcdonald’s and grabbing a few. Those things are wider than any other I’ve ever seen.

  16. Oddly Frozen says:

    once again, yum yum ^_^

  17. ratboy says:

    ya crazy straws are great. i seen one of them cups that got the straw that winds around it. it would take like a minute for yo to actually get the drink in ur mouth, the straw looks like it would be 4 feet long if u straightened it out.

  18. Hi! I found Biff by clicking an Ad at Bob and George. I just finished reading through the archive.

    I think Biff is a hilariously funny webcomic, and I enjoyed being able to read through the whole archive quick, since each comic is only 1 panel long.

    Also, Crazy Straws are awesome

  19. Rileyesco says:

    I usually don’t comment but i just had to on this one cause i used to love crazy straws. I alwasy thought the best cups were the one with the crazy straws attatched to them! then you never lost your straw. unfortunately my mom thought they were a waste of money and the only one i had was lost when we moved a long time ago….

  20. Kitch says:

    Biff could possibly use a modified length of hose and freeze it (as it would harden), then call it a straw.


    That’d work..

  21. dragonbrad says:

    has any one heard of the guy that connected a’bunch of straws together and hewas drinking his milk from the otherend of the driveway. most of the time i dont like meratloaf

  22. ahab says:

    He should try mixing it with some beef broth next time.

    A microwaveable beef pot pie and a cup to two cups of beef broth was better though.

  23. Want drinkable meatloaf: Ketchup. (and perhaps one of the large bore straws that come with “bubble tea”

  24. Otacon says:

    You know you’d be surprised what you could turn into a drink when you have a broken jaw.

    I had turkey when my jaw was broken.

    It was really good.

    haha, me and my troubled youth.

  25. Tony says:

    Do people still roll up their straws n flick em til they pop ?
    I’m happy to have drinks at the other end of my straws.

    Use em then I pop em

  26. bobthegoat says:

    I have always said that there needs to be more meat based drinks.

  27. DMC_Run says:

    Chris, you can make your OWN crazy-straw by going to any pet-supplies store & getting about 2-to-3 feet of clear plastic air-hose. It’s standard equipment for fish-tanks. You can twist-&-tie it into any shape you want! I used to weave mine into elaborate Celtic Knots. Ah, good times…

  28. Sergeant Major says:

    A friend of mine actually tried that. He wanted to take his meatloaf in a thermos for lunch. It actually worked, and he said it tasted all right. Of course, he spent an hour making it.

  29. pieman says:

    i love connecting straws together. squashing the end and putting it inside the other one works really well. what is meatloaf anyway? (im british btw, so dont complain about me not knowing. unless they do it in britain.)

  30. Frank says:

    Huh…I used to put my straight straws into one giant straw…Those were the days. When the family came over, i could use my super long straw to drink somebody else’s drink from across the table.

  31. collerroaster says:

    I went into Wal-Mart around midnight the other night and looked all over for crazy straws to no avail. Then I asked someone where they were, and after they glared at me for a solid minute, they tried to sell me BENDY straws. Awesome, but not the same. I don’t care how cheap Wal-Mart is. I was disappointed.

  32. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    I always wanted a crazy straw that was so long, it could hold the entire content of an 8oz can of soda.

  33. The Scarf says:

    bubble tea straws are great….they are HUGE.

  34. Lisa says:

    I’ve been considering using a blender to get the ground beef to the right consistancy for doner kebabs (a type of meat loaf sliced and served in a pita, aka donairs).

  35. Jennifer says:

    Meat Loaf. It is a loaf of meat. Huh. Imagine that.

    If biff had a pacoJet, he could drink it! (http://www.pacojet.com/)

    Here’s the definition of MEAT LOAF:

    Meatloaf is a meat dish consisting of seasoned ground meat (usually ground beef or a combination of ground beef with veal, lamb, or pork), which is formed into a loaf shape and baked or smoked.

    Good comic IMO. I still have that same swirly straw from my childhood! XD

  36. Elkian says:

    Return of the meatloaf.
    I guess a blender is stronger than a chainsaw. (or is it just crammed in the cup?)

  37. Soltueur says:

    whenever i go to see a movie, i grab like 3 straws for the soda and link them together so that i don’t have to move my head to take a sip… xP

  38. the walrus says:

    He should use his powerful vacuum, but modify it so he can drink. That would fix his problem.

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