#261 – Dryer

There are some frozen dinner type things that are really inappropriate for work. I once walked up to the microwave with my 90 second bowl of beans and rice only to be cut off by a coworker. He puts in a frozen lasagna dish and sets the timer for 14 minutes! What the heck?! That’s half my lunch break!


47 thoughts on “#261 – Dryer”

  1. Brett says:

    I think I need one of those installed in my house…pronto..

    Also, First Post..

  2. smashpro says:

    It might ot be the fastest way to get a hot pocket warmed up, but at least it won’t burn your mouth

  3. FinalDragoon says:

    Cut him.

    I know violence isn’t the answer, I wasn’t trying to be right.

  4. Otacon says:

    Now biffs thinking.

    And that would be terrible.
    You should at least complain.
    or somthing, i dunno.

  5. TsukiNoBara says:

    I would totally do that if I weren’t germaphobic.

    And had a job.

    1. extremist343 says:

      Germaphobia kills. Also any germs that could actually get you sick couldn’t survive the heat exposure from hot air hand dryer.

  6. Falos says:

    It’s tempting to wait till he’s looking away, cook your rice’n’beans, and toss his lasagna back in. 14~=15.5

  7. Elli says:

    What a jerk! I hate people like that.

  8. KungKong says:

    Oh how I’v tried this in the past.

  9. dragonbrad says:

    yeah that guy drove me crazy chris

  10. This is one of the comics you should have tied into the rant 🙂

    The Microwave was set to 14 minutes and Biff proceeded to try alternate heating sources D:

  11. Marcus Dranz says:

    Who’s a jerk, what am I missing, why is one of my socks missing?

  12. Robert says:

    Hehee. I don’t think that would be very efficient though. Those things don’t heat very well.

    Also, twelfth post. Because apparently it matters.

  13. Elli says:

    SOME of them don’t heat very well. I’ve used some that are crazy hot. 🙁

    Marcus, I was referring to the coworker that cut in front of Chris, in his comment.

  14. red rule says:

    i once made pigs in a blanket (or however you call them in english)in the microwave.(i sorta needed to use the oven, but we have a combi so i call the oven a microwave =P) and i did EXACTLY what was on the packaging when suddenly halfway trough the set time, i smelled something… the meat was pitch black and flueds were leaking from it and the bread was so though i couldn’t jam a fork in it even if i jumped and smashed as hard as i could on it….that might be related with my own strenght and not it’s thoughness but still! DX

  15. DomanickX says:

    Biff your resourcefullness always amases me

  16. Warcrime says:

    Red Rule:

    That’s why your supposed to stay there and watch what your cooking, Not every Microwave is create equal, some cook a lot hotter than others.

  17. P. Reaper says:

    I wander what Biff does if there is a line to the water despencer? o-o

  18. Dynasty says:

    hehe, from reading the rant i got an image of biff being melted from radiationleaks from microwaves

  19. Squall says:

    Finally, something those stupid wall air-shooters are good for. they CERTAINLY aren’t any good for wet-hand-drying, unless you don’t mind standing in a public bathroom for nineteen minutes and forty three seconds while Mr. McGottagorightnow is standing behind you dancin like Fred Astair because he’se SO important and his hands are SO much wetter than yours. There I ranted for you Chris.

  20. Seraphine says:

    Biff’s lunch looks suspiciously like dog food.

  21. It seriously wouldnt surprise me seraphine

  22. Garrett says:

    When I’m shopping for a meal to take to work, I always check the cooking times first. If the meal takes more than 5 minutes to cook, it’s immediately rejected. Sometimes I’ll go for a 5.5 minute cooking time though.
    One of my ex co-workers has said that he puts meals in for 1.5 minutes no matter what. He doesn’t mind cold parts apparently

  23. Istawkchoo says:

    Wow, I’ve read all of these from the first one to this one, and they’re all hilarious! I think you have a new reader~~

  24. Haragorn says:

    I’ve done this before. It works.

  25. Tomcat92 says:

    If you need 14 minutes to heat up your lunch, bring your own damn microwave. So there. Biff is smart that way.

  26. dragonbrad says:

    never put foil in a microwave, big blue sparks and alot of lightning

    there was a dryer at my old school that after 2 seconds you could feel that your fluids were boiling

    when my kittle brother puts apple pie in the microwave, he puts it in for like 20 secons to find that is not hot enough to put back in the microwave to take it out and find that exploded.

    chris why is it that all these comics have to do with daily life.

    im an insain nut and i had tuna fish for breakfish and i enjoy pain, very creepy, and i like rescees cups on burgers, any questions, oh thats what led me to this comic

  27. Sax says:

    I once put chocolate from the freezer in the microwave. After a couple seconds, it just explodes into fire. Turns out I left the foil wrapper on. After I blew it out, it was still frozen.

  28. Jake says:

    14minutes? Im not sure if my microwave timer even goes up that high.

  29. Ela says:

    Where does Biff work?

  30. Brett says:

    Apparently at some place that gives him an almost endless supply of money…

    And has room for a glacier…

  31. random person says:

    i swear this has happened to me before….

    sum guy set the microwave timer to 30 min 30MIN!!!
    what takes 30 min to cook seriously…

    my friend put a grape in his microwave once…apparently that creates plasma…

  32. Oddly Frozen says:

    yum yum ^_^

    and robert, thirty second post, beat that =D

  33. Kiddo says:

    I put my icecream in the microwave when its too hard. Makes it easier to get out of the container. 🙂

  34. Robin says:

    …yeah, with a SPONGE.

  35. DMC_Run says:

    “Seraphine”: – – – – – “Biff’s lunch looks suspiciously like dog food.”

    That would make sense… Given the recent number of major medical traumas he’s had, I’ve no doubt that his doctor won’t let him have solid food yet…

  36. Sergeant Major says:

    I don’t bother with hot food for lunch. It’s something us lower classes don’t deserve. I satisfy myself with a good, meaty sandwich. With chips.

    By the way, are you guys sure Biff is in the men’s bathroom?

  37. Jenny says:

    I go to a workplace with about 100 people, we have a lunch room with 5 microwaves in it. There’s no line-ups that I’ve noticed. What are your people:microwave quotas?

  38. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    That’s creative on a whole new level.

  39. the_gail says:

    I used a hand drier to dry my pants after pushing shopping carts in a thunder storm, but i’ve never tried to cook with one.

  40. Soltueur says:

    What i hate is ppl that share a microwave, like, one has some chicken, and another has [something], and they heat it at the same time, bblatantly ignorant of the fact that the time depends on the mass, and that heating 2 cups of noodle soup together is going to take the same time as heating them individually…

  41. the walrus says:

    Chris, you should have taken his out, cooked your meal, then put his back in and set the timer to around 30 minutes.

  42. Lurch says:

    I feel for Biff. And, well, Chris, too. I’ve had a co-worker do that to me on occasion. But given that I’m often confused with a yeti (or, occasionally, a grizzly fresh from hibernation) it never happens twice. I find that simply removing their crap from the nuke-box and zapping my crap makes me feel better. If I’m in a congenial mood, I’ll put their stuff back in the microwave and re-start it for them.

  43. Twigs says:

    Chris, people like that must be killed. Don’t hesitate to slam his head in the microwave.

  44. Random McPerson says:

    Biff gets a series of diseases.

  45. Tordoc says:

    44th post. Because it’s there.

  46. Pix says:

    It’s sooooooo funny!

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