#1880 – Pulling

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Woooooo!

The best present you can give me on my birthday is to share my comics. Follow me on Facebook, twitter, tumblr and Google+. If you hang out on reddit you can see a lot of my stuff here. When you laugh at a comic, share it! Let someone new get a chance to smile. Making comics for you is how I feed my family. Every new reader makes a big difference in our lives.


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16 thoughts on “#1880 – Pulling”

  1. caffiend says:

    Happy birthday man.

  2. Rhiakath Flanders says:

    Happy birthday!

  3. 84 says:

    Happy level gain day!

  4. Ferrothorn64 says:

    Happy birthday!

  5. Thelric says:

    Happy birthday

  6. boog says:

    My wife and I invented a device that momentarily reverses the gravitational effects of the pillow: we call it the Screaming Toddler 3000.

    It has other uses too.

  7. Happy birthday, Chris!

    And that gravitational pull thing is so true!

  8. infrapinklizzard says:

    I made you a puzzle for your birthday: http://webpbn.com/23117

    So you don’t have to learn how to solve it, here’s a link to the solution: http://webpbn.com/peek.cgi?id=23117&pop=Y

    and to the comments section: http://webpbn.com/read.cgi?type=P&id=23117

    Webpbn is filled with intelligent people, so I’m sure your readership will skyrocket! 😉

    1. Chris says:

      Whoa neat!

  9. Chris says:

    Happy birthday dude!

  10. kingklash says:

    Happy Birthday! My you laive as long as Biff’s eyebrows!

  11. Florian says:

    I’d also like to wish you a happy birthday!

    Not the first time for sure – been following your comics for quite a bit more than a year now… and still enjoying the ride a lot! Keep up the good work, I love it.

    1. Chris says:

      Yay, thanks!

  12. reynard61 says:

    Happy Birthday, Chris!

  13. hayabusa says:

    Boy is it ever Monday.

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