#1881 – Filling

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6 thoughts on “#1881 – Filling”

  1. Rhiakath Flanders says:

    Too many available sweets at your birthday, i assume 🙂

  2. kingklash says:

    what you do, at least with the big cakes, is cut a thin horizontal slice off the bottom of each cake, and stack those up until you get a cake of your desired height, then eat a regular wedge of that. You can then say you’ve gotten a taste of each.

    1. Matanui3 says:

      Ah, but what if some of the cakes have different layers?
      What then?

  3. Am I the only one who’s slightly confused by the fact that there are mostly cakes… And then there’s a pie at the far left! Pies are good too, but they’re not the same thing as a cake… (and why do I have a feeling that people might wonder why I didn’t say anything about the cupcakes/muffin things in the middle? I don’t even know that myself!)

    1. caffiend says:

      I personally think a home-made chocolate cream pie fits well in this category… especially if it’s made with dark chocolate

  4. Marscaleb says:

    Oh my word
    ME TOO!!!!!

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