#1866 – Glaring

If I browse the internet until I’m too tired keep my eyes open I will inevitable have dreams about what I was last looking at. Not a problem with hilarious cat videos. Kind of an issue with screenshots from “The Bride of Chucky”.

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4 thoughts on “#1866 – Glaring”

  1. Hairy-Thunderer says:

    The fisrt time we get to see his eyes — Turns out they’re green.

    *goes out to clean out on some long-standing wagers*

  2. Hey, Biff’s eyebrows look weird, I wonder what’s going on-…? Oooh-kaaay…

    This “last thing I was looking at”-thing usually doesn’t work for me. I will often dream about things that I’ve been thinking about recently, but even then these things usually won’t be the main theme in my dreams. It will be more like a detail or a side-plot, if you could say so.

  3. kingklash says:

    I usually have ABC’s World News Now going on when I’m getting ready for bed, and sometimes I’ll dream about the last news story that was on before I turn it off. Or, due to tinnitus, I’ll sometimes use a MP3 player loaded with some old radio shows on low to balance out the ringing, and occasionally have the programs run into my dreams. Nothing like dreaming “The Most Dangerous Game” starring Orson Wells and Keenan Wynn.

  4. Pix says:

    Actually it’s the 3rd time we see his eyes

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