#1832 – Leaped

It’s been a long time since I’ve awoken from a dream and thought I had super powers. Now it’s stuff like winning the lottery or finding an extra box of cereal in the pantry. “Wait… where’s all the cereal?! I just saw a brand new box yester… oh dang. That was a dream.”

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3 thoughts on “#1832 – Leaped”

  1. kingklash says:

    When I was a kid, I believed that if I held on to something tight enough in my dream, I would still be holding it when I woke up. All I woke up with was clenched fists. Now, if I wake up with clenched fists, it’s because of my Arthritis.

  2. I have that kind of dreams sometimes, but in my dreams it might as well be that I break or lose something, and when I wake up I’ll get surprised because the broken/lost thing has come back again.

    I had a dream like that recently; not the lost/broken item version, but the “I want to keep this thing” version. I think it may have been a stuffed bird or something like that. I remember thinking for myself: “I have to buy this now, so that I can keep it when I wake up!” The funny thing is, I didn’t actually realize that I was dreaming, because the things that I say and think in my dreams come automatically, as if pre-recorded or something.

  3. AnonOmis says:

    I sorta had the opposite. I’d lay in bed thinking about what I wanted to dream. Maybe being dropped into a world created from a favorite book or movie. I hoped that I could enter that world in a lucid dream. Alas the only way I could come close is to be listening to the TV while asleep on the couch. It was fun being a miner one time I fell asleep watching Gold Rush.

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