#1831 – Punched

For me I usually have a period where I start kicking and punching things closed. It’s satisfying to get a nice solid SLAM out of things. It’s usually not much of a problem until my wife opens the refrigerator and everything I knocked out of the door shatters on the ground.

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2 thoughts on “#1831 – Punched”

  1. I have never kicked, punched or slammed anything closed, maybe because I’m a very careful person who doesn’t like to make that much noise. But I still manage to get hurt just like that anyway, like when I accidentally kicked the cats’ (huge and very heavy) scratching post recently. It felt the same as what Biff’s left hand looks like…

  2. kingklash says:

    If you watch “Kung Pow!”, you might start yelling “THAT’S A LOT OF NUTS!” at people. And using gopher-chuks.

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