#183 – Housework

Thank you to everyone that voted for me in the nomination round for the Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards. It’s a great feeling to be nominated for Outstanding Single Panel comic. The final voting round starts this week. Good luck to the other nominees in my category and good luck to everyone else.


0 thoughts on “#183 – Housework”

  1. Magnius of the Chaos says:

    How’s Biff going to get them down, though? XD

    Hope the levitation has a time limit, or he’ll be forced to sit on a flying sofa.

  2. Diego Draw says:

    Hey, now. A floating sofa wouldn’t be a half-bad idea. It’s like built-in shocks, except…on a couch.

    Just hope he doesn’t have a fat uncle.

  3. Iethloc says:

    How on Earth did Biff get a levitation potion? He must have some extensive connections.

    I wonder if I’d be able to take advanta-…befriend Biff…

    I just want a levitation potion.

  4. Seto Kaiba says:

    Maybe he should get a second set of anti-gravity boots and use those to levitate the furniture while he cleans.

  5. Iethloc says:

    Wait…what would happen if he drank the levitation potion and wore the anti-gravity boots at the same time?

  6. Jak_B says:

    Or maybe he should use tape to wrap sofas to his saturn-gravity boots, and on next cleaning he’ll just cut the tape.

  7. Don’t you just hate when your furniture refuses do land after a levitation potion ? It happens to me all the time !

  8. Endless says:

    To be honest I’m surprised he vacuums

  9. Yuccadude says:

    I’m also surprised that his couches can drink potions. Or does he just pour it on things and they levitate?

  10. Jeff says:

    I agree with yuccadude how do you get a couch to drink a potion… come to think of i think i need to feed my couch it hasnt eating in a while

  11. DMC_Run says:

    If you recall “The Adventures of Superman” (BW Tv-series starring George Reeves), in one episode this was invented by Jimmy Olsen! It was HIGHLY UNSTABLE, tho, & exploded if mixed with water!

    (Oh, that Biff!)

    The entire 6 seasons of “TAoS” are now available on DVD, for those who want their nostalgia-fix.

    Meanwhile, I’m guessing Biff has access to some of the vintage props from the TV-production’s archives/vaults… ?

    What’s next?!? Prof. Potter’s “Upside-Down Machine”?

  12. Chris says:

    The mouth is in between the cushions. See #49 for an example.

  13. some kid says:

    i always wanted to be able to fly
    but floating would rock too

  14. LordRetard says:

    If only we could find as good a use for all of those elixirs I save for the end of a Final Fantasy. At least everything went right for Biff for once =D.

  15. machine146 says:

    How much for one of those potions. Now I can finally see what’s under my chair. (It won’t be pretty)

  16. I clean carpet for a living, and that would be really handy…

  17. Chuck says:

    I can’t wait for the couches to drop down while he’s picking up the inevitable pennies under the couch… Ouchies.

  18. CynicalSavant says:

    Where does he get these things? Is there an alternate reality shop I should know about?

  19. APic says:

    Why does he need a levitation potion when he can just not pay his gravity bills for a while.

  20. DemonRex says:

    With all of his wierd gadgets, Biff would make a great old-time supervillain…
    (Prepare to taste the might of my… SHRINK-O-TRON 5000!)

  21. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    Forget the office chair. this is what i want.

  22. FlyingCarpet says:

    Why does he even need potion when he can levitate a spaceship with his mind?

  23. You know what? This is such a great idea. I’m going to do this. It’s going to be ever so much easier to clean up the floor while levitating all the ten million heaps of things I have left on the floor than lifting them all up one by one and putting them on top of other things, cleaning up and throwing them back down again.

  24. Hoboapple says:

    Or he could bend water under the couch to make it lift.

  25. Rachel says:


  26. Garrett says:

    This gives me an idea for a new couch design for my house…

  27. Joe says:

    great work chris keep it up ive started reading they rock killer colours on this one man

  28. Lisa says:

    Ha! This is a shout-out to nethack, yeah? Awesome.

    All of these are bloody brilliant.

  29. Elkian says:

    If it explodes on contact w/ water, your mouth would be pretty badly burned.
    Hmmm…what mammal is >90% water?

  30. Someone from a location says:

    Doesn’t biff already have levitation powers?

  31. Torg says:

    Not since the brainfreeze.

  32. jykcor says:

    if he can bend water, why doesnt he push the sofa up with it, and make the water get sucked out again…no drying time, clean floor.

  33. Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos says:

    Did anyone notice that this is like the first strip since the start where Biff is actually having good luck.

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