#1721 – Wisdom

I still have my wisdom teeth. Get back! They’re mine! PUT THE PLIERS DOWN!

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10 thoughts on “#1721 – Wisdom”

  1. I still haven’t gotten any wisdom teeth, and I really hope that I’ll never get any. OK, more wisdom could always be useful, but I don’t have any room for more teeth…

  2. bob says:

    they broke out all four at once and i was out of school for a month.
    you could say the whole procedure made me dumber than the other kids.

  3. Trigger says:

    I still have mine too!

  4. Nosetroll says:

    Mine grew at a 90 degree miss angle. Had to chop them in four and pull the pieces out one by one. Went back to the metal workshop the next day; the sound was just the same as at the dentist.

  5. A.L. says:

    I just went and brushed mine because I have one that has a giant crater and is getting pulled as soon as possible next month. The junk hurts like the dickens.

  6. Miles says:

    I had room for all of mine when they finally grew i at like age 28. They eventually came out (along with almost all of my teeth) following a head on collision with an uninsured motorist in which I cracked my jaw on the steering wheel (no airbag). Needless to say, there was a lot of shattering going on in my mouth that day. Fortunately I was unconscious for that part.
    Also, this comic is creepy as hell. It disturbs me when I look at it.
    Good work, Chris. =D

  7. Mine are still in. Dentist said I can keep them forever. He offered surgery to remove the flaps of excess gum partially covering the, but I don’t want surgery I don’t need.

  8. MGP says:

    Kind of a funny coincidence that you put this comic up the day after I had mine cut out.

    Also, @Chuck: those flaps of excess gum can harbor all sorts of nasty infections. That’s the reason my dentist recommended that I have mine removed (I actually went to see him in the first place because I’d contracted such an infection).

    1. I guess if I get an infection I an get mine removed.

  9. pbarnrob says:

    Please be careful not to disturb essential wiring when using this access.

    Had mine out just after arriving at college; 2 weeks out of classes sitting around the apartment having daymares on the codeine, ugh.
    Sister-in-law had hers out, destroyed her lip for a promising flute career (cut a nerve).

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