#1669 – Regulate

Seeing our dog excitedly curl up in a sun patch always puts a smile on my face. I would curl up with her but she gets annoyed that I’m stealing some of her rays.

“Stop casting shadows over here!”

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10 thoughts on “#1669 – Regulate”

  1. Is that someone else than Biff? Because I can’t see any eyebrows!

    There was a very specific place with a sun patch on the stairs in the house we lived in before. The cats liked to be there, but there are no sun patches (at least what I know of) in our apartment, because we always keep the curtains/blinds down.

  2. Blade says:

    I still cannot see the past 4 pages (or navigate anywhere the archive for that matter) without being redirected to some checking-cashing webpage. Is there an ETA on getting rid of that?

    1. Chris says:

      Oh weird! I didn’t know about that one I’ll look at it right now.

  3. Azkyroth says:

    That must be wonderful. Here they outnumber the humans, so they just set the thermostat to “Bessemer process.” 🙁

  4. Xindaris says:

    AHA! So THAT’S how he’s able to regenerate pretty much anything on his body.

  5. pbarnrob says:

    For personal protection from rattling off to malware/weird ad sites, Google [hosts file]. It checks before going out on the Web, if the URL is on the list, to look for it on your OWN machine ( is ‘home’). Saves time, and stress. Works on all browsers, all OS’s (I use Firefox in Ubuntu; just fine).
    Just realized I must be part lizard; after 3-digits (oF) last month, we have drizzle and 60s this week, and THE @#$% HEATER won’t stay on!

  6. Happy birthday, Chris! =D

  7. Sceb says:

    Happy birthday you apparently don’t care too much about, Chris!

  8. kingklash says:

    I’m no lizard, but there is merit to occasionally finding a nice flat rock to warm yourself on.

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