#1620 – Palmed

I get overwhelmed when I go to a sandwich specialty shop. They will usually have a fun creative name for each sandwich followed by a long list of the ingredients. After reading the description of the first ten I start feeling like I would rather go get a burger from next door than whittle down this three page menu into my top five. “Sir, please leave we closed 20 minutes ago.”

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9 thoughts on “#1620 – Palmed”

  1. Saul1245 says:

    Glad you don’t take holidays off, Chris. Happy Labor Day from Iowa.

  2. At first I thought that there were five spoons or maybe sporks in the sandwich. I didn’t really understand what Biff had gotten in his sandwich until I saw the tag that reads “hand”… But then again, Biff looks quite happy, so he can’t be all grossed out, right? Maybe it’s really tasty?

    1. Chris says:

      It’s delicious but not what he ordered.

      1. Sven says:

        If human tastes like chicken as we’re commonly told, shouldn’t he be suspicious about the supposed ham sandwich? 😉

      2. The “handwich” must be quite crunchy, I guess… hehe…

      3. CaptXpendable says:

        That’s understandable, he shouldn’t have to make a meal out of finger food.

  3. Are we sure that the restaurant brought that particular filling? I can’t help but note that Biff’s other wrist is kept out of sight and that particular “flesh” tone is awfully familiar.

  4. kingklash says:

    Biting the ham that feeds him?

  5. pbarnrob says:

    “Long pig” is reputed to taste like pork, rather than chicken.

    But as a ham myself, I resemble the incineration!

    73, WA6DZS -.-

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