#1619 – Shouldered

I used to be able to sleep like a rag doll. Put me anywhere and in any position. It didn’t really matter. Now if I don’t sleep in just the right position it takes me a few hours to recover in the morning. “What’s wrong with you?” “Oh, I failed at sleeping last night.”

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7 thoughts on “#1619 – Shouldered”

  1. Dzelda says:

    Eliminates shoulder pain by eliminating your shoulders!

    Buy now! 😀

  2. But then what would a headache pill do?!

    Not *exactly* the same thing, but once when I had a sore throat a long time ago, I took one of those pills that dissolves in the mouth. Guess what happened? My sore throat only got worse! My entire mouth hurt and felt numb!

  3. ZeoViolet says:

    Yeah, that’d do it. Eliminate the pain by eliminating the source. XD

  4. kingklash says:

    “If limb detachment lasts more than four hours, call a physician, if you can operate the phone, that is!

  5. steve says:

    well that eliminated one pain, but replaced it with another: the pain of loss…t arms

    1. Dzelda says:

      Biff really looks like he could use a hand, the effects of the medicine was a little disarming -w-

  6. Jerus says:

    Oh man I want that medication 300 lbs of weight on my arms at night when i try to sleep hurts like hell. I wish I could take my arms off

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