#1563 – Accordion

It was weird when I was a kid and an adult would request a high five. I guess if they were sitting down it was okay but a standing adult that was more than twice my height was frightening. It felt like I was a bug that was being squished.

Also, the Pens and Pencils mug is real and in the store!

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5 thoughts on “#1563 – Accordion”

  1. MCWildcat says:

    dont ask for a bro-fist from Thor or the Hulk…. you saw what happened to thor in Avengers…

  2. I love when this comic gets “weird” and you have to read the caption to understand what is going on! …Well, maybe not the weirdest comic today (compared to e.g. the one where Biff is in the digital world, or the one where all we get to see is a giant shoe), but I like this a whole lot!

    Makes me wish I could come up with ideas for weird and surreal drawings (or maybe even comics) more often…

  3. kingklash says:

    On the plus side, the clothes are neatly pessed.

  4. Heinrich says:

    did anyone else wonder why the hole is square?

    1. It’s because Mj√∂lnir (Thor’s hammer) is shaped like this:


      The link looks a bit weird, but I think it should work anyway…

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