#1562 – Floater

I liked laying down in the bathtub when I was a kid. Very calming just listening to my heartbeat and the water swirling. I was totally bummed when I stopped taking baths for a number of years to find that I had gotten too tall. I could no longer fit in the bottom of that tub anymore.

Also, the Pens and Pencils mug is real and in the store!

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8 thoughts on “#1562 – Floater”

  1. Miles says:

    Holy Moley, but do I know how relaxing baths are… my brother’s girlfriend once asked why I took so many baths while we were roommates…
    His current girlfriend hasn’t caught me answering the door in a towel yet.

  2. The jellyfish could be a lovely little hat if Biff placed it on top of his head! Imagine what it would be like if jellyfish as hats would be in fashion…

  3. I just noticed it’s “bathroom theme” day for Hallbeck…and coming straight here from Minimumble’s toilet joke, “floater” takes on a new and terrible meaning.

  4. kingklash says:

    A water bed full of Sonic’s Ocean Water drink? A nice way to send a hot Sunday afternoon, until the ants haul me to their den.

  5. Solokov says:

    Looks like a Zenomorph to me.

  6. Luemas says:

    You know, I bet Taft felt the same way you did when he found out he was too big for the tub.

  7. Rik says:

    I’ve lived in a few places with baths, and a few without. The only conclusion I reached is that either it has to be > 2 meters, or it’s utterly useless. Worse yet, having the shower in the bath becomes just a hazard climbing in and out. Convincing the better half of this fact (who has never had her own bath) turns out to be difficult though…

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