#1559 – Fist

We do have a flyswatter in the house but it doesn’t really have an official spot so it frequently gets misplaced. I wish I could just punch mosquitoes out of the air. It doesn’t seem to work so I have to slam them up against a surface. Hopefully something unbreakable and cleanable.

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12 thoughts on “#1559 – Fist”

  1. Today’s installment is obviously a ploy to get me to buy the “sister” print to my Rocket Hands print.

  2. Pyro says:

    rofl, you mentioning punching flies reminded me of this comic http://punch.photoshelter.com/image/I0000Bp0JZ4PsNCY

    as for real fly swatting, as someone who likes to keep every available surface covered with breakable things, I have almost perfected the art of grabbing flies out of the air. Technique: snatch the fly with one hand, then slam the heel of your now closed fist into the palm of your other hand. If done right, and with enough force, it kills the fly, with or without covering your hand in bits of fly.

  3. Polomint38 says:

    I use a set of chopsticks to catch them.

  4. andy says:

    Would you believe that someone actually did scientific study and found that mosquitoes are nearly impossible to knock out of the air. They actually hitch rides for fractions of seconds then kite off when a raindrop hits them. The only way to git em is to smash em. And I do whenever possible.

  5. Before I read the caption, I thought that Biff had burnt his hand off by dipping it in very hot coffee…

    For some reason I see the most flies (tiny ones, not like houseflies) when I’m making something of Fimo clay, though this might have to do with something else entirely that used to be placed on the same desk… My meat-eating plants. However, they don’t catch any bugs, because the Venus Flytraps grow out all deformed, and the bugs aren’t stupid enough to visit the pitcher plant. …Or maybe they just think it’s more fun to annoy me than to play with the big, purple and green plant…

  6. My flyswatter lives in the bathroom, because you often need it there (bugs getting in drains and through vents) and you’re least likely to have access to a shoe.

  7. kingklash says:

    Ma was good aiming a swatter, but actually smashing bugs was the problem. So, I mail-ordered three of those electric swatters. Y’know, the ones that look like tennis rackets? Two for the house, and one for the gallery where we worked. Bug popping fun for everyone!

  8. Roger Soucy says:

    Better than a flyswatter, one of those fat/stubby wiffle ball bats (http://www.helpful-baseball-drills.com/images/WiffleBall.jpg) I use it to knock them right out of the air, and if they’re large enough (like a bee or wasp) they make a really satisfying *thunk*.

    Just watch out of overhead lights.

  9. spidercow says:

    I know, right? I had a cacodemon infestation not long ago, so I bought a BFG9000 to take care of the things. Blew my whole house up, but it solved my demon problem 😀

    1. spidercow says:

      …said the guy with wheatley as his profile picture

  10. Freezie43110 says:

    Laser vision. Throwing knives. Hellfire blasts. All valid and more effective methods.

  11. Tech says:

    I remember there were these flyswatters that came in pistol format. They used a spring to shoot a big plastic disc.

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