#1560 – Leaky

Sometimes I’ll order something from a random person on eBay and be surprised at their lack of packing skills. But I’m shocked when I order something from a reputable business like Target and my items arrive with zero packing materials. Just my stuff bouncing around in a big hollow box 3 times too big.


11 thoughts on “#1560 – Leaky”

  1. Greyryder says:

    I’ve gotten stuff in from Amazon, like that. (no packing, I mean. Not liquid in a cardboard box.) Probably a good thing internet orders aren’t a large part of their business….

    (In fairness, most of what we get from them is packed fine.)

  2. trueblaze says:

    Biff should just be happy the box has coffee in it and not a puppy.

    1. das-g says:

      Coffee is what he ordered. What he got will have to be seen. Note that he hasn’t opened the package, yet.

  3. The worst thing was when I bought two South Park shot glasses on Tradera (the Swedish eBay), and when I got them, one of them was in pieces! The person who sent them had packed them in a plastic bag (no cardboard box!), with minimal bubblewrap around the shot glasses!

    The next worst packing disaster I can remember was when we ordered some macaroni cheese and a big box of soda cans from an online store that mostly sells movies. One of the macaroni cheese boxes had been smashed by the soda, so there was macaroni everywhere in the cardboard box! But the macaroni was still edible, and the bag with cheese powder hadn’t broken, so it was OK anyway… 😀

  4. kingklash says:

    Was it described as “Ready to drink, right from the box?”

  5. reynard61 says:

    Remember that every ounce that a package weighs adds to the cost of shipping and, thus, subtracts from the profits that the store makes. (From what I understand, stores that use flat-rate shipping usually get to keep the difference between stated and actual shipping costs. Any reader more knowledgeable on this than me is invited to correct me if I’m wrong.)

  6. jammit says:

    I know that feel. The last place I ordered from didn’t even try to correctly package my items. They gave me the run around, and didn’t even fully refund me when I complained. I told them that I would never order from them again, and that they lost a customer. I never will order packing peanuts from that company again.

  7. Awesome says:

    LOL… Jammit, that was classic comedy right there.

  8. pbarnrob says:

    Amazon works with induhviduals to fulfill many items; sometimes it’s a shop that has a clue about packing, sometimes it’s just somebody who has listed the items they wanted to flog, and um, doesn’t. Amazon themselves may provide some support materials, but not everybody will bother. And eBay can be a similar crapshoot. My wife sells some of our accumulated junque on eBay, and we do try to make sure it’s well packed; my OCD won’t let me get away with a sloppy job of it if I’m the one tapped to take care of it.

  9. HiveMindFury says:

    I ordered a couple items recently, and they came in a box that was exactly the right size for both of them. No packing materials required! =D

  10. Kamorth says:

    I had to get a replacement pen for my graphics tablet last year. I was surprised when I got a note saying I had missed the delivery – it was just a pen! It should have easily fit in my mailbox. So I went down to pick it up and was immediately convinced they’d gotten it wrong because the box was big enough to fit about half a dozen four slice toasters. I opened it there and then to make sure (so I wouldn’t have to lug it back to return it) and the teller and several other customers cracked up laughing when I pulled out enough paper to account for a small tree to reveal that they had in fact gotten my order correct. Right at the bottom of the box was the pen and a AAA battery.

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