#1541 – Tardised

Sometimes I swat a mosquito and I am shocked by the amount of blood that is now dripping down my arm. Is that all my blood? How long was that thing drinking before I noticed? Why does it taste like peppermint?

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5 thoughts on “#1541 – Tardised”

  1. I have never swatted a mosquito while it’s been sitting on me, so I haven’t seen blood splat out like that from a mosquito. I did however see some stains of a reddish (not red like human blood) liquid after having swatted some other type of insect a long time ago, but I don’t know if this was blood or not.

  2. Kree says:

    Gallifreyan mosquitos? 😛

  3. Andrew says:

    Wait, peppermint?

  4. kingklash says:

    Ever watch someone get attacked by a swarm of mojitos?

    1. jammit says:

      It’s not pretty, as the Facebook pictures of the night can testify.

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