#1519 – Smash

In the future jelly will be sold in a stack of solid but flexible squares. Peel the protective wrapper off and place the square on your bread. The exposure to oxygen starts a chemical reaction that softens the jelly to a perfect sandwich consistency.

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11 thoughts on “#1519 – Smash”

  1. Ray A. says:

    Jelly singles — GENIUS!

  2. And in the future they will do something to prevent jam (and maybe jelly?) from getting moldy! It’s not so fun when there’s mold in a jar with 80 percent or so of the jam left! (I know that jam and jelly are different things, but I haven’t eaten jelly since kindergarten I think, so I wrote about jam instead)

    Oh, and happy Friday 13:th!

    1. onexused says:

      I didn’t even realize it was Friday the 13th.
      It looks like the Hulk is going to work on the peanut butter jar now.

    2. spidercow says:

      actually i’m pretty sure jam and jelly are the same thing. taste the same, anyway.

  3. kingklash says:

    And you really don’t need Ol’ Jade Jaws to use a squeeze bottle of jelly to help you make your sandwich.

  4. Gewurztraminer says:


  5. Starkittens says:


  6. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    ^ A day when to comments are funnier than the actual comic.

    Son, I am proud. XD

  7. hayabusa says:

    sounds like it will work better than the squeezable jelly that’s sold now.

  8. spidercow says:

    let me see if i have any good hulk jokes here…
    hmm..portal, chuck norris, grammar nazi equipment, portal again, uhh..
    sorry guys, I got nothing.

  9. Royce says:

    The diference betwen jam and jelly is mainly intalectual. Jam is thickened with pectin, jelly is thickened with gelatine.

    Also some counties have laws about what can legaly be called ‘jam’, while there are no restrictions on the word ‘jelly’. Kind of like froot loops having no conection to actual fruit.

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