#1516 – Quick

I’ve been in situations where I’ve needed to borrow a jacket or a shirt and that usually works out fairly well. As long as the jacket isn’t super small it will usually get the job done. Shoes and boots don’t really work out the same way. If they are too small then you aren’t even going to get out the door. More than a size too big and you are going to leave one behind in a mud puddle. At least you can sometimes make up the difference with an extra couple socks when they are too big.

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6 thoughts on “#1516 – Quick”

  1. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    Wish I had Iron Man rain boots…..

  2. I can’t remember ever having borrowed clothes from anyone else, so I haven’t got any interesting borrowed clothes-stories to tell everyone.

    But I find it really funny that I can see Biff’s eyebrows even though he is so far away! He almost looks like an ant!

  3. Jackson says:

    Are there any boots that you should borrow from Iron Man?

    1. Chris says:

      He has a really comfy pair of snow boots. Warm. Great traction.

  4. kingklash says:

    If someone is going to lend you hiking boots, make sure they aren’t the Seven-League kind. You’ll end up upside down in a persimmon tree way on the other side of the state line. Trust me.

  5. Xindaris says:

    Hmm….I have a guess!
    Might it be “never borrow X from superhero Y week”?

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