#1515 – Soaker

I’m trying to remember the last time I owned a raincoat. Seems like it’s more common on kids. I guess they cant be trusted to use an umbrella properly? I remember walking to school in the rain with my favorite umbrella. It was mostly clear with some little ducks on it. I would bring it down and rest it on my head peering out in between the little duckies.

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13 thoughts on “#1515 – Soaker”

  1. Chuck says:

    The rain gear from work makes me look like a fisherman.

  2. Gwid says:

    I never had a raincoat. I’ve had several ponchos, but none of them were for rain; all cotton.
    Biff looks like a teenager here. A teenager, but an amusing one, nonetheless.


  3. I had several raincoats as a little kid, but later on I just quit wearing raincoats, and I have never used umbrellas at all! The only thing I do when it starts to rain is to put the hood on my head (if I’m wearing a hoodie) to protect my leather cap from the rain. …But I don’t know what I would do if it would start to rain when I’m just wearing a T-shirt, and no hoodie…

  4. kingklash says:

    Aside from ‘brellas, coats, and the like, I need to find a way to keep a helmet at hand for the hail. Lately, it’s either been coming down big, or fast. Not both, so far.

  5. Elemecca says:

    Raincoats (and rain pants and galoshes, for that matter) become important in areas with heavy wind. Umbrellas aren’t much use when the rain is falling sideways.

  6. Eric says:

    I have found that umbrellas tend to become kites with even the slightest amount of wind. I usually just use a baseball cap to keep the rain off of my glasses. As long as I can see it doesn’t matter how wet I get.

  7. Starkittens says:

    wait, why would Aquaman need an umbrella in the first place?

  8. Pyro says:

    I almost never use umbrellas, useless if there’s any wind, and there often is, a good raincoat will keep you dry no matter what you’re doing, and no matter what the weather, plus you get both hands free.

    my old umbrella is rather funny though, it broke a few years ago, now if I click the button to open it, the top will shoot 4 feet into the air, open, and then drift slowly back to earth, the looks I get when I use it are priceless, only reason I still have an umbrella at all.

  9. reynard61 says:

    Until relatively recently I’d never found an entirely satisfactory answer to the raincoat/poncho/umbrella/rain suit issue. Raincoats were too expensive and too hot in summer. Ponchos can be good for bike riding, but unwieldy in most other situations. Umbrellas only work if there’s little or no wind. Rain suits are the best way I’ve found so far to keep dry, but the pants can take some time to get into — impractical if you’re caught in a sudden shower that lasts only 10-15 minutes — so I just use the jacket and wear clothing that I don’t mind getting wet from about the thighs down.

  10. S. Aquila says:

    I’m cursed when it comes to umbrellas. Mom even got this super umbrella that was supposed to be able to handle wind with these vent things. Took it out one day. Very little wind. Still turned it inside out.
    I don’t use them anymore, just slap on a hoodie and go for it.

  11. Marscaleb says:

    This one made me laugh out loud.

  12. Radical Edward says:

    I live in the Pacific Northwest. We have two seasons: rainy and dry. The rainy season starts in October and ends in April and the dry season starts in April and ends in October.

    I remember about a couple years back, in August 2010, I was stuck in the freak heavy rainshower for over an hour. I had missed the earliest bus back to my community and was stuck in the shopping district, franctically calling my father’s cell, only to get his voice mail. After 5 tries, I yelled at him in a message.

    When I finally got on the bus an hour after the previous bus left, my iPod’s earbuds busted in one ear, making it unuseable and there was this annoying brat of a kid screaming and running around. I held back every urge to strangle both parent and child. (Trust me, I was different back then). Luckily, they got off a mile later. I remember being soaked and without an umbrella. When I got home, I changed out of my wet clothes and watched a movie in my room.

    I just wanted to cry after being left out in the rain. I just had it with heavy rain. I guess from now on, I’m carrying an umbrella.

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