#1399 – Beamed

I frequently find myself waving back at strangers that were not actually waving at me. I guess it’s better to feel weird waving at someone you don’t know rather than explain to someone that you didn’t remember who they were. At my last job there was a really long hallway that whenever I entered I would suddenly have to examine whatever papers I was carrying. It was far too long to make a positive ID on people at the other end.

Today’s Maximumble is ready for candy.

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3 thoughts on “#1399 – Beamed”

  1. Maskman says:

    I always wondered if there were a strong market in artificial limbs in the ST universe…

    I’ve made such a reputation as an eccentric that folks at work pretty much ignore any odd gestures or behaviors. Saves a lot of embarrassment.

  2. Jest Phulin says:

    People will wave back. But only once.

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