#1398 – Quarter

When I was a kid I would go to the bowling alley with a friend and his dad most Saturdays. His dad was on a league and while he was bowling we would hang out in the arcade. We would frequently run out of money before the bowling was over and so we would just wander around trying to kill time. I got in the habit of checking the coin returns of every single machine in the arcade so I could play one more game. It worked nearly every time. I still have dreams about checking coin returns in an arcade but in the dream I pull out $20 worth of coins and fill my pockets.

Today’s Maximumble likes it fresh.

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9 thoughts on “#1398 – Quarter”

  1. Space Butler says:

    What’s this week’s theme, Biff being a jerk?

  2. Ah the good old days of the golden era of the arcade. Home consoles have us spoiled SO rotten these days – and no coin returns to check for loose quarters! DANG!

  3. MaskedMan says:

    Asteroids and Defender ate sooo much money – which I would have probably spent on junk food otherwise, so maybe they saved me…

    I also checked the coin slots – but usually without success.

  4. onexused says:

    There’s a pizza place around here that has an arcade. When we went there with my younger cousins (7 and 12), they immediately went over there after eating and found a coin stuck in the coin slot. I couldn’t get it out, so they didn’t get to play Super Awesome Driving Game : (. Their parents wouldn’t give them any money to use on it, which isn’t surprising. That’s how my parents were.

  5. Baughbe says:

    I’d donate money for a planetary invasion.

  6. kingklash says:

    I’ve personally “donated” to worthy causes like Ghost Monster Eradication, Assisting Amphibians Across Highways, Halting the Rule of the MCP, Rescuing Royalty from Kidnapping by Balloon, and many more. I done good.

  7. Langly says:

    Never can find that 20 in the change return, but sometimes it is UNDER the bill for quarter exchange machine, or sometimes $68 is just out in the wind blowing down the road.

  8. The Last Starfighter.

    Please tell me this leads into The Last Starfighter.

  9. Falos says:

    My brother and I once found a $20 between two arcade cabinets. It was probably because it was very snug in-between; we have really tiny builds and were probably young teens.

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