#1356 – Yank

I wonder when the wedgie was invented. Did school kids always wear clothing that permitted that? Did the pilgrims bring the wedgie over on the Mayflower or has it been independently invented in many cultures? Was the Medieval wedgie more or less painful? The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Atomic Wedgie.

“Who so Pulleth Out The Underpants of this Stone and Anvil, is Rightwise King Born of England.”

Today’s Maximumble is burning for you.

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8 thoughts on “#1356 – Yank”

  1. PsychoDuck says:

    Could be worse. He could be receiving a swirly in a space toilet.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

    1. Arcan says:

      I dunno, a swirly using Mr. Thirsty (the things I remember from space camp scare me) would probably be preferable to a normal swirly.

  2. bob says:

    i find it kind of marvelous that almost every kid refers to brainfrost/-freeze the same, in their respective language at least.
    as far as i know of course.

  3. MaskedMan says:

    No doubt, wedgies started as soon as there were loincloths. Possibly even sooner. Hope you did a good job of tanning that bison hide!

    Medieval wedgies probably involved chastity belts. Ouch.

    As for King Arthur and the Atomic wedgie:
    “…Saint Attila raised the waist band of the underwear up on high, saying, “O LORD, bless this, Thy wedgie, that it may please Thou, in Thy mercy.” And the LORD saw that it was an atomic wedgie and it was good is His eyes.”

  4. Rick says:

    To me, it was always typical American culture only seen on TV. Never saw or heard of it in action in The Netherlands. Torture methods aplenty, no wedgies.

  5. a German says:

    no, here in Germany ther’s no thing either. And I’ve been the nerd since first grade, so i would have known.

  6. MDKing says:

    the places i lived i never saw, heard of giving one a wedgie, or getting one exceptin books and movies

  7. Mister Disco says:

    @bob I’ve never really have Brainfreeze, I experience a sensation I’ve dubbed “Spinefreeze” as my spine is racked with a cold pain.

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