#1329 – Weasel

If there’s something I really need and it’s boxed up in the attic somewhere… well good luck finding it. However I will find many other things I was looking for a year or two ago and don’t really need at the moment. If only all my stuff were keyword searchable.

Today’s Maximumble is no extra charge.

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13 thoughts on “#1329 – Weasel”

  1. Ray A. says:

    Finally, we see the other side of the story!

  2. TomAwezome says:

    I love how you have to look at the predicament he’s in to realize his heads in the ceiling again, but now you can’t see his body and his head is visible. XD

  3. Mark says:

    Two boxes in the attic? Hmm … maybe there’s more behind the camera.

  4. Necro says:


  5. Falos says:

    Bear? I sense the ol’ troll plushie, methinks.

  6. das-g says:

    Somehow, Mr. Bear’s head reminds me of Mr. Bean’s Teddy. About your stuff not being keyword searchable: Meh. Could be worse.

  7. cirienphoenix says:

    I thought it looked like an excited blue Kirby.

  8. Kree says:

    That was also my first impression! 😛

  9. Lilaeris says:

    Heh, I used to have a blue teddy’s head too. Lost it one day, never found it back… *Sniff*

  10. Baughbe says:

    Explosions in the house…. so many memories.

  11. Qazwax97 says:

    Is the title “weasel” a reference to the weasel from the show “Ned’s declassified school survival guide”? I’m fairly certain explosives were used at least once.

  12. Jason says:

    >> This comic inspired a visceral fear reaction out of me. My childhood teddybear was named Mr. Bear, and despite now being 21, I still care for that old stuffed bear very much. The thought of him being beheaded is just soulcrushing.

    That being said, good comic.

  13. Radical Edward says:

    The mice read the same prank rulebook my father does.

    Evidently, my father, who is currently converting me to a Christian, still has the silly jerky streak from when he was Catholic. He warned me one day he would position my dolls to do a praying position while chanting music was playing in the background.

    I’ve kept my guard up so he doesn’t play such a weird prank. Then again, I usually DO NOT tolerate his pranks.

    Great comic, though!

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