#1328 – Stark

There is an amazing array of handmade costumes at comic conventions. Some are incredibly well made… some not so much. I sometimes wonder if they feel like they are a celebrity as they walk around getting photographed all day. It must be fun after the show to look at the hundreds of pictures posted on the internet.

Today’s Maximumble is hot.

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12 thoughts on “#1328 – Stark”

  1. Ray A. says:

    Pepper? Rhodey? Little help here …

  2. Tana says:

    Either Biff has a really hard head, or that ground is very soft…

  3. Jackson says:

    Back to the drawing board, eh, Biff.

  4. The Cosplay Guy says:

    Hey Biff
    Why don’t you come along to Octobers mcm expo in london excel. You could sell your comics. An you would like the costumes 80% of us wear.
    Keep the comics going!

  5. Djorra says:

    Hey, it’s just “I’m really tired of drawing Biff’s head” week!

  6. ZackDark says:

    I watched Iron Man 2 for the first time just before sleeping last night and I see this just after waking up today.

    What are the odds?

  7. Mike says:

    Yes, we do feel a bit like celebrities, and it is fun to just randomly spot ourselves in pictures. What’s more fun is when actual celebrities at conventions ask US for pictures. 🙂

  8. deadlincoln says:

    After all the cons I’ve cosplayed at, I must be all over the internet!

  9. MaskedMan says:

    @Mike; Having seen John de Lancie, in “Q” costume, standing next to a CosPlay Q more convincing than he himself was, I can see how that would be a real ego-boost.

  10. Budric says:

    I actually went to AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) last year (maybe the year before) dressed as a vending machine made of cardboard with a plastic window in the front. I sold drinks and candy for 75 cents an item, and it astounded me how people think vending machines work. I had a fully functional coin slot and bill acceptor, and people were trying to hand me cash over the top. It was popular enough that it took me 15 minutes to get in the door to the con because people wanted my picture, and this trend continued throughout the first day of me wearing it. Then I can only find 1 picture posted online at an odd angle. This was my first attempt at a “costume”, and I thought it would be goofy but fun. I didn’t expect near the ammount of attention, and wound up leaving it in a parking garage outside of the hotel. Heck-uv-a learning experience, lol. TAKE YOUR OWN PICTURES IF YOUR PROUD OF YOUR SUIT!

  11. JMacked says:

    … I want this on a t-shirt.

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