#1321 – Aloft

I wonder if you take a hot air balloon ride if they would let you fling a few paper airplanes over the side. They are constantly killing people by dropping sandbags on them. Surely a few sheets of paper could squeak by.

Today’s Maximumble folds.

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9 thoughts on “#1321 – Aloft”

  1. XD there is a afv vid of a paper airplane that was thrown off the Eiffel tower

  2. Sven says:

    Synchronized Biff & Maximumble week?

  3. kruemi says:

    It was not a hot air balloon but it was 100 paper airplanes from the stratosphere… a marketing gag of samsung i think: http://projectspaceplanes.com/ (I’m not affiliated with them in any way). But still cool!

  4. Baughbe says:

    If you’ve got about $15000 to $20000 (I think thats how much it is) lying around (and who doesn’t besides me) you can get your own CubeSat (micro satellite) and design it to launch your paper plane in space (gratuitous parenthesis).

  5. Slogra says:

    If you drop a penny off a tall building, it could kill someone. So if you drop a paper airplane off a tall building in a vacuum… man, that is too strange. 0.o

  6. Draco Dei says:

    Slogra: Granted, paper is a lot softer than metal… plus anyone you hit in a vacuum would either be armored enough to take it (micrometeorite protection is part of space-suits, right?) or doesn’t have long to live anyway. If there is atmosphere happening between the drop and the impact point, it would burn up.

  7. Chris says:

    The penny thing is a myth. I think it was even “busted” on Myth Busters.

  8. Maskman says:

    Not if you use those massive stone pennies from Yap. Those wouldnt’ even require a very tall building…

  9. Jenny Creed says:

    Or one of those boulders you use to buy a wife!

    Me, I once threw a paper airplane from the highest part of the Eiffel tower they let you up to. Unfortunately it was at night.

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