#1320 – Twisting

At least he’s polite and doesn’t twist it when company is over.

Today’s Maximumble is soaked.

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9 thoughts on “#1320 – Twisting”

  1. Lisa says:

    Pervpetual motion

  2. Ray A. says:

    Yeah, maybe putting the winding key that low on the torso was a bad idea from a marketing standpoint …

  3. Space Butler says:

    I can’t believe I laughed so much, and in such a manner, after reading this. Can’t let my guard down with these Biff comics. Also, perpetual motion…

  4. Baughbe says:

    I remember a few toys which in retrospect (hey I was a kid) had rather questionable placement of wind-up keys, control buttons, power switches… Maybe I should have been a toy designer.

  5. dtanza says:

    Innuendo week.

  6. Ulty Man says:

    Dispensing cab fare…

  7. somekindaguy says:

    why would you do that?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I saw a similar design fail in a Consumer Reports, they had a Disney- themed covered plastic cup, with the cover being a figure of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and the skirt ballooned down to form the top of the cup, with a flexi-straw sticking out. Guess where they put it?

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