#1296 – Nougat

It can be embarrassing the first time you go out for lunch with your coworkers. Everyone is eating their hamburgers or chicken nuggets and you have your chocolate and peanut and caramel bar. They look at you like some sort of monster! Then you calmly explain that the religion you just made up only allows the consumption of candy bar based foods during daylight hours. Problem solved. Everyone back to lunch. Stop looking at me like that.

Today’s Maximumble is overheard.

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7 thoughts on “#1296 – Nougat”

  1. Maskman says:

    Hah! I revel in my addiction. I rub their faces in it!
    I go all “Timothy Leary” on them.

    Or maybe I’m just doing what you did, what, with the religion and everything… <.<

  2. try sneaking a pocket knife into your school my friend did that and did not get caught

  3. Psychlycan says:

    A, I was wrong before, its hiding week.

  4. Drathe says:

    I wonder if someone would actually make and sell chocolate like that…I know I’d buy one!

    @mysteryman203 Of course, you could always go to my High School…not only do we bring in knives quite often, but my friend lit one of the security cameras on fire, and never got caught

  5. Cari says:

    I’ll convert!

  6. Radical Edward says:

    I used to eat badly, but I can’t say it’s a religious decision. I can’t get away with it. Everyone in the family is on a diet and the majority of the people in the house are Christian.

  7. Kree says:

    I’m like the opposite at my workplace, I spend the first half of my lunch break making a ridiculously-overcomplicated-deli-style sandwich with 8 different things on it. Everyone always comments on how fancy my lunches are. It does make for a lengthy lunch break but damn is it a fine meal.

    But of course, if anyone brings in one of those chocolate boxes that their kids are supposed to be selling, I usually buy some. I can’t say no to chocolate! 😛

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