#1285 – Bait

I’ve never owned a fishing pole. When I was a kid I would go down to the river with a friend and scavenge for supplies. In the span of 20 minutes we could find a tangle of fishing line, a hook, some weights, a cup of bait and a long stick. We would stick a worm on the hook and look for a spot where we could see fish and then slowly drop the worm in front of them. This almost never worked.

Today’s Maximumble is an emergency.

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4 thoughts on “#1285 – Bait”

  1. MaskedMan says:

    Biff had best beware, lest the fish discover drills, too!

    I fish with a six-pack and a bare hook. If the fish wish to commit suicide… Well, that would interrupt my drinking and napping, but I guess I’d accomdate one if it were so desperate to be my dinner.

  2. I’ve been fishing twice; the only thing I’ve ever caught was a small octopus.

    I wanted to keep him but apparently they don’t make good pets.

  3. Slogra says:

    Evolution is truly an amazing thing. The other day, I saw a bird tweet on a phone. Alas, it was only in 140 characters or less.

  4. hayabusa says:

    Biff’s boat looks like the upper portion of a coffee cup to me.

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