#1267 – Zap

One of my parents acquired a mini refrigerator from their workplace and gave it to us kids to have in our “TV room”. It was a great place to keep cans of soda and ice pops. It was also a great way for us to lear how mold will grow on opened yogurt containers. Such pretty colors.

Today’s Maximumble want’s some crackers.

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6 thoughts on “#1267 – Zap”

  1. Tigerbitten says:

    Life–the best education for the young

  2. all he need now is a bottle and a tube

  3. LazerWulf says:

    Wow! Kid Biff is so awesome, he doesn’t even need to see the screen!

  4. Maskman says:

    And if you EAT the moldy yogurt, you’ll see even MORE pretty colors!

  5. Slogra says:

    I’m afraid to ask…
    How is Biff taking care of restroom issues? 0.o

  6. @slogra why do you think i said all he needs is a bottle and a tube

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