#1224 – Manual

I always feel weird when I borrow someone’s car, it’s very different from the sterile rental car experience. “Wow, do they really sit with the seat this far back? These radio presets are all over the place! Why is there a jar of peanut butter in the coin dish? Heyyyyy, these are my sunglasses!”

Today’s Maximumble is high tech.

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11 thoughts on “#1224 – Manual”

  1. hayabusa says:

    that’s one cramped car

  2. Nosetroll says:

    Wait ’till you see the clowns in the back!

  3. Gwid says:

    You do realise those types of cars only go if you peddle? I would like to see Biff peddle that.
    Maybe it’s an optical illusion of some sort, or maybe I’m just looking too far into it.

    We recently got a new car, but it has this smell in it. It’s not bad, which is why I don’t like it. Our old car didn’t smell like anything to me, but according to whoever gets in it the first time other than people that are used to it, it smelt like vomit. The new car, you get in it and you still stink of cleanliness five hours later. I suppose I just don’t like cleanliness. That came out wrong.

  4. Ziriath says:

    This strip filled me with optimism for the rest of this day 🙂

  5. Space Butler says:

    There appears to be somewhat of an inline on that sidewalk, so Biff can get some momentum going; while those environmentally friendly cars provide in terms of mileage, they suffer a bit when it comes to horsepower.

  6. Caitlin says:

    For his 18th birthday, my boyfriend’s friends who live on a farm got him a preserved sheep testicle. Having no idea what to do with such a thing, he just sat it in the centre console of his car. When the car was robbed a few months later, the thief stole my ipod shuffle, a bunch of CDs, and then appears to have stopped upon encountering the jar.

    Sometimes it’s a good thing to keep revolting/terrifying things in your car! 🙂

  7. MaskMan says:

    The new SmartCar. Comes with its very own shoehorn. :p

    @Nosetroll: Heh! Nice one.

  8. that is funny if i could fit in a car that small oh wait i can anyway just do not borrow biffs car

  9. Wigsternm says:

    Those cars work better when you flip them upside-down to be spaceships, or at least they did when I was a kid.

  10. S. Aquila says:

    I think Biff should stay off the freeway if he drives that thing.

  11. Zezeze says:

    That looks a lot like the ones at safeway…. alaska is a very beautiful place.

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