#1129 – Deposit

I have a problem with plastic shopping bags. They aren’t accepted at out curbside pickup but there are plenty of stores that have bins for them just inside their front doors. For some reason it’s nearly impossible for me to get them there. On the few occasions that I remember to put a big ball of them in the car before going to the store I don’t remember they are there until I am already driving back. I have a plastic bag blind spot.

One of the hardest parts of putting together each book is coming up with the title and concept for the cover. Fortunately this time my almost asleep brain did all the work for me and I scribbled this onto a scrap of paper next to the bed:

Get your copy of the fancy finished book cover wrapped around a fist full of comics in the Biff store!


12 thoughts on “#1129 – Deposit”

  1. Gwid says:

    *points to your note* There is no 19th month, Chri – wait, wait, you’re American. I keep forgetting.

    We have the convenience of using the plastic bags as lunch-boxes when we’re short, or attaching them to brooms to get stuff off the roof, or using them as mini rubbish bags.

    As for the picture:
    All the cars the company makes are red, yellow or blue, and yet all the cars recycled aren’t (and even though most can be mixed, the brown can’t).

    Great comic and funny-ish blog once again, Chris. I felt I needed to say that since I never remember to 😛

  2. Baughbe says:

    I give a good portion of my plastic bags to the library. They give them to patrons who check out a lot of books/vids but forgot to bring something to carry it all in. As for the rest of the bags, I end up doing almost exactly the same as you Chris.

    @ Gwid: The cars in the recycle bin are different colors than those on the lot because those are last year’s colors. That’s why they are being recycled.

  3. Acies says:

    if you recycle your plastic shopping bags, then what do you use to line your garbage bin? O_O????

    the supermarket/grocery store near where i live gives out plastic bags that would literally disintegrate. I used one to hold a few books and then put it into a drawer… another one I used to hold some dried food that went up on a shelf… a year later, the whole bag was just dusts in my drawer/shelf O_O

  4. MaskedMan says:

    Intersting (maybe) note: The automobile is one of the most thoroughly recycled consumer products. Everything from plastic to steel, and even the lead in the batteries, is recycled.

  5. Wizard says:

    I save my plastic shopping bags and give them to my parents. Not sure exactly what they do with all of them, but they always seem happy to get them. Since I’m happy to get rid of them, it’s win-win.

  6. fluffy says:

    San Francisco passed a law a few years back banning grocery stores from using plastic bags, so the large ones use paper bags. It’s great since those have a bunch of uses (such as being perfect bags for containing garbage and recycling). There’s a bunch of exceptions to the law, though, and everyone who can still get away with using plastic bags does, so I still accumulate a bunch of them (and have no idea what to do with them). And every time I go to one of the nearby cities and have to go to a grocery store for some reason I get completely weirded out by the plastic bags since they’re like they’re from the moon as far as I care now.

    @Wizard: They’re probably hoarding them.

  7. SharkJumper says:

    Bags are only a cause célèbre right now because they’re particularly obnoxious floating around and getting stuck to fences and whatnot. They really aren’t that much plastic, and cleaning off food residue is enough trouble that many of the “recycling” programs really lead to incinerators in countries with more lax regs, like India.

    Not that I don’t care — in fact, I took about 30 pounds of plastic bags and sheeting to a specialty plastics recycling shop a couple weeks ago, on the bus.

  8. Niha says:

    In Spain, you can put plastic shopping bags at packaging recycling bins. They are on every street, besides garbage bins.

  9. YukiYukimura says:

    now this begs the question:
    WHY is Biff at a car shop? He already has an invisible green car!
    Maybe he wants an invisible blue car now?

    Regarding plastic bags…
    We don’t recycle ours. We don’t throw them away either, or atleast, not straight away.
    We keep them in a drawer, and use them whenever we need some kind of disposable bag.
    It gets annoying though, when you are going to the gym with your gym clothes in a plastic bag, and the bag breaks on the (*long*) walm home.
    Anyhoo, hope the sales go good, too bad I am currently lacking funds to buy some for myself…
    …maybe I’ll persuade someone to buy them for me?
    I know – I’ll print out a picture of the front cover, with red writing saying “Buy Me!” on it, and stick it on my fridge. That should do the trick.


  10. Matthew says:

    I used to work at a store that had plastic bag recycling bins at every entrance. I was shocked to see that at the end of the day they’re just collected and thrown in with the regular trash. I’m quite certain a number of people get a “feel good” sensation from depositing them in those bins, but there’s no special home for them but the trash there.

  11. Nate says:

    Is this a reference to a song? I feel like I’m the only one not getting it even though the zipper thing is funny-cute.

  12. Elttaes says:

    We use the plastic bags as poop bags when we take our dogs on walks. That’s our recycling.

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