#102 – Fridge

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0 thoughts on “#102 – Fridge”

  1. LordRetard says:

    Man, now I understand why that’d be a bad idea. It’s a good thing no one tried to sell one to me. I would’ve gone for it.

  2. Chris says:

    Unfortunately this is based on a true story. 🙂

  3. Ali says:

    was it one of those old fridges with the handle that locks?

  4. Zebras says:

    Maybe I’ll get some ice, for the pain…

  5. Chris says:

    No, it was a new fridge… it’s on wheels to make it easy to move but then you are supposed to lower these little feet to lock it in place. Combine that with the vacuum seal doors and you have a dangerous refrigerator.

  6. julia says:

    balls! all the time with that!

  7. Fenix says:

    I hate when the fridge doors get sealed somehow ^^’… Fortunately it hasn’t happened to me with a fridge that it’s not locked to its place :D…

  8. DMC_Run says:

    I picture this ending with THREE periods – YOU know, an ellipsis… ?

  9. stapler says:

    poor biff 🙁
    cant you give him a girlfriend to make him happy?

  10. Andrew says:

    I know this doesn’t sound nice, but, who would date Biff?

  11. Papaya says:


  12. Corky says:

    Oh noes, another maytag to the face. Biff’s misadventures are truly priceless…

  13. zantarath says:

    I was laughing for 15 minutes. I love the sequence of events set-up.

  14. isana says:

    oh my god, i love it this is my all time fave, probably because of the caption. i laughed so hard

  15. Konola says:

    That happened to me. I know a person who might date Biff. And at least this time, Biff’s low wisdom was not the one completely responsible.

  16. Demonprophet says:

    Oh man… I wonder what that would look like if Biff was hideously obese? If that were the case, this situation would probably happen a lot. Still, I never would have guessed that a refridgerator could be a weapon of mass destruction.

  17. Mint Sharpie says:

    Ah!!! This is EXACTLY the kind of thing my best friend and I would do! ^_^; hehehe…

    I am firmly and deeply in love with this comic now. If I weren’t extremely happy with my boyfriend (and if the whole inter-demensional problem were solved), I’d date Biff… After all, after the gravity-boot problem, we know he’s extremely—er, resillient.

  18. You know what? You are now my new god.

  19. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    When I saw this, a part of home alone 2 popped in my head. You know, the part with the tool chest falling down the stairs.

  20. DemonRex says:

    Accordian Man!

  21. anteaters stole my sanity says:

    to the earlier reference of a Biff girlfriend: anyone who dated Biff would be dead within a matter of minutes…

  22. Radical Edward says:

    I’m glad our fridges do NOT have wheels…

  23. Jenny says:

    Reminds me of a famous incident in my house. A visiting friend truly, madly deeply had to open the freezer when we’d just closed it, and he put a hand on top of it to keep it in place while he pulled the door with his other hand. (He’s very strong.) And he jerked with all his might and jammed the corner of the door deep into the meaty part of the base of his thumb. Ouch.

  24. Melindotty says:

    See: How the handle broke off the microwave.

  25. Kamorth says:

    I work in an interent cafe.

    All my customers are now looking at me funny.

    I like this one.

  26. Capn Steve says:

    This reminds me of one of my mom’s friends who broke her femur in two places opening the fridge, the fridge did not collapse on her or slide towards her, the femur just broke.
    To this day the story is unexplained.

  27. Justin says:

    I just spit yogurt on my keyboard.

  28. Davey says:

    I really, really, really needed that laugh.
    i love you, sir.

  29. Graham says:

    kanola, you know some weird people

  30. Monkeyman says:

    Man, I must be nuts, upon seeing this, I not only laughed my butt off, but then kinda wished it
    would happen to me, despite the pain I find the whole thing intriguing…otherwise, freakin’ hilarious.

  31. the Hat says:

    um shouldnt his face be perfectly fine seeing how its laminated and all?

  32. Torg says:

    The sander and/or cereal bowl from 99 and 98 probably removed the lamination.

  33. Deteramot says:

    Ah, I think I’ll have a nice refreshing coca cola. *Bam* MAYTAG TO DA FACE!

  34. revorger says:

    i have a fridge like that but i never get slammed into the wall. if you close the door hard enough it will get stuck and its really hard to get it unstuck

  35. jykcor says:


  36. Hornswaggler says:

    XDD All the ‘Maytag to the face’ comments just made me nearly…like die. x3 My dad thinks I’m nuts.

  37. SaixDecirr says:

    …I want one! XDDD

  38. maxsteele2 says:


  39. BrainpanSonata says:

    I was laughing SO hard at this opne… right up to Chris’s comment about how this actually happened to him.

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