#1014 – Heist

Not too long ago I found an ant running around the inside of the bathroom sink. I grabbed a strip of toilet paper and scooped it up, tossing it into the toilet. My momentary bug shivers went away as I looked down into the bowl. The ball of paper slowly unfurled like a time-lapse film of a flower blooming. Out of the center marched the little black ant. Charging ahead and continuing its mission unfazed by its new location or change in atmosphere. It followed the twists and turns in the paper creating a living interpretation of a mobius strip as it travelled underneath and behind then back out front again. Slowly rotating, suspended and weightless. Then I flushed it.


21 thoughts on “#1014 – Heist”

  1. PsychoDuck says:

    Robo-Biff has taken the liberty of customizing his ocular antennae, I see.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  2. PTTG says:

    A Mote in God’s Eye…

  3. Grug says:

    Makes me wonder what the Queen looks like.

  4. Tanos135 says:

    That remindes me of my favorite bug exp. There was a moth in our bathroom (My Wif is scared of the) So I caught it threw it strait down the totoilet an flused admmediatly. Watched to make sure he was gone and lo and behold after he was past the point of no return a few seconds later he shot up into the air like bat outa hell. I caugt him again and took him yo thr front door and lrt him out . that Kinda will deserves to live

  5. AwakeAgain says:

    The different Biff forms are excellent this week. I take it he stole his picnic from the back of GeckoBiff’s chair?

  6. paku-san says:

    i suppose now that biff will be needing to call the exterminater. or in his time frame, the Terminator.

  7. umbra says:

    wait so it went from dinobiff to robobiff with no transition.cool

  8. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    They call him Robo-Biff. *cheesy 80’s music here*

  9. MaskedMan says:

    Left turn! 😀

    I always take an electromagnet on my robo-picnics. That way I can degauss the microbots when they come for my lubricant and ballbearing sandwiches.

  10. teh n00b says:

    A Ro-Biff! I love it!

    This is officially my 2nd favorite week of Biff ever…

  11. Joe says:

    Gizmoduck! At least, he reminds me of Gizmoduck.

  12. THOR says:

    Gizmoduck, that’s good too. Me though, the first thing I thought of when I saw robo-Biff was an old NES game called Base Wars; anybody play that?

  13. Zatal says:

    Love Biff but have to ask, if the ant was already in the sink, wouldn’t a splash from the faucet have the same end result without wasting the water of a full flush?

  14. i.half4 says:

    I suppose if millions of years of evolution were rushing by in the first four days, it’s logical to assume that day five might overshoot the mark a bit.

    I love the look of RoBiff, BTWay.

  15. reynard61 says:

    Well, it can now truly be said that Biff is nuts…and bolts…and screwed…

  16. Niha says:

    Ants have that thing of appearing at bathrooms out of the blue.

  17. The Dukenator says:

    I had bugs crawl across my monitor a few times. Then there was a story of a woman who broke her TV because she saw a bug on it. The problem: It was an Orkin commercial and the bug was part of it.

  18. i.half4 says:

    Ha! Another lesson in having a second look. I hadn’t yet noticed what the ants were carrying away. You are (and/or will be) what you eat!

  19. Those ants must have really hard teeth to eat metal.

  20. i.half4 says:

    Or really strong drool.

  21. Shadowlord9k says:

    Once i punched a fly, while it was flying

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