#1005 – Vacant

There are some meetings I am invited to for projects that I am only tangentially involved. My brain slowly turns to mush as my eyes glaze over and lose focus. I’ll start to doodle on my notepad or bend paperclips to give my brain something to do besides talk me into falling asleep. For some reason I draw a lot of sandwiches. I don’t really do it in other circumstances. Just meetings.


27 thoughts on “#1005 – Vacant”

  1. Osa says:

    Good bye big Biff

    Everything on earth can be made better with bacon now that you mention it

  2. RFPT says:

    more like Bacant…

  3. TLV says:

    EVERYTHING can be made better with bacon.

  4. Greyryder says:

    Mmmmm, bacon….

    I have to agree with Osa. Bacon makes everything better.

  5. PyroPrav says:

    I wonder what the corporate meeting was about…

  6. Grug says:

    Bacon week! I call it!

  7. Redtail says:

    *Snicker* I’d wonder what my employer would say to that, to be honest. Then again, he deals with a LOT of weird stuff…

  8. caffiend says:

    Take a stick of butter, wrap it in bacon, dip it in chocolate and deep fry it…

  9. SilentDragon says:

    @caffiend: I am in absolute awe, that sounds simultaneously like the best thing I can ever taste and the absolute worst thing for my body, such simple procedure too….

  10. Kbman says:

    @ caffiend: I bet someone is already selling that at a county fair somewhere.

  11. CornflakeJustice says:

    @Kbman Yeah. The Clay County Fair in Iowa…

  12. The Dukenator says:

    *insert Wayne’s World bacon joke here*

  13. Quacthulhu says:

    Biff Bacon, with 80% more animated pork! Biff Bacon, for all your work needs!

  14. AwakeAgain says:

    #6: Gorilla? – YES! Gorilla!

  15. sfchicken says:

    yay paperclip bunny

  16. Kree says:



    “Biff conditions his co-workers into making eye-contact with him more often.”

  17. baughbe says:

    Gorilla of my dreams, she brings the bacon.

  18. ZeoViolet says:

    Am I about the only other one more amused by the whiteboard in the background and what it says?

  19. Jackson says:

    @ZeoViolet: That whiteboard is supremely amusing. At first I thought it said “Gorillaz” instead of “Gorilla?” – like the band.

    I wonder what Biff’s favorite bands are. He seems like he might possibly like Radiohead.

  20. Steuben says:

    I used to doodle in school, but then started to try to take notes by writing with my left hand. Consequently I now have illegible notes that came from two hands rather than just one.

  21. MaskedMan says:

    Not *everything* is made better by bacon. Cherry juice is not improved by bacon – you just ruin perfectly good cherry juice… And the bacon, too. 😛

  22. Skydiver Todd says:

    Mmmmm, bacon is meat candy.

  23. weerd2normal says:

    But accordi]ng to subway, pepperoni makes everything better…one minute… nope…

  24. Heinrich says:

    @zeoviolet: the board makes me wonder where biff works, especially since he apparently has a desk job.

  25. Tia says:

    You know when you doodle through important stuff your brain actually retains more of the information than if you actually paid attention. Maybe that’s why I did so good on tests without studying.

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