#990 – Soft

Somehow I seem to remember believing in the tooth fairy longer than Santa Claus. I remember the adults made a big deal about it if you lost a tooth in school. They had little tiny manilla envelopes in the nurse’s office to put your tooth in to take home at the end of the day.


19 thoughts on “#990 – Soft”

  1. Matt Lee says:

    A fanny pack would be better…

  2. Lich king says:

    O meh gad. Dey terk mer jerb!

  3. Heinrich says:

    i want one… gotta wonder how long that’ll last, though. also gotta wonder what the tooth fairy’s gonna bring. 🙂

  4. Lich king says:

    A solid enamel sword?

  5. Lamycorie says:

    hehe it’s cool that the school wanted to keep children’s imagination and beliefs alive for as long as possible :3 they don’t do that nowadays

  6. Heinrich says:

    @lich king: awesome. i could go for one of those, too. 🙂

  7. Lisa says:

    I found out Santa wasn’t real at about 7 (caught my dad) didn’t tell him though. I admitted santa wasn’t real at about 17.

  8. baughbe says:

    The only one that was real was the monster under my bed. We play cards nightly. He cheats.

  9. Forte says:

    Heh, when I lost a tooth in school, they would give me a tiny plastic “treasure chest” to put it in. ^^

  10. Wizard says:

    Forte – Think I still have one of those some place…

  11. Julie says:

    Is it held together with earwax? And what do you mean Santa’s not real?!

    1. Tech says:

      Yeah! You better say sorry or he won’t bring you anything! not even coal!

  12. Lich king says:

    @Heiny: Just remember to polish it with Crest Gel every once in awhile.

  13. DtLe says:

    @Forte- Me too! Back in first grade they would even give us little certificates with a sticker on it as well.

  14. Azkyroth says:

    They might have sent it home based on legal restrictions on what you can do with a person’s tissues without their explicit permission (IE, as regards medical experiments and such), too.

  15. Capshot says:

    When I was a kid, the morning after I lost a tooth, I woke up and didn’t see anything under my pillow. My dad said he would look for it, and said maybe the tooth fairy put it under my brother’s pillow. While I was looking, I checked back on my dad and saw him looking through his wallet.

  16. YukiSnowflake says:

    i never believed in santa, and i pretended to believe in the tooth fairy, cos my sister didn’t, and my parents said that “the tooth fairy only pays people who believe in her” |:D
    anyway, on a (*not so*) unrelated note, evey year, there is a “santa run” for charity along the seafront.
    everyone who runs has to dress in a santa suit that they give you!
    i remember one year when ALL of the hundred odd teachers from the high school ran. It was hilarious.

  17. Arcan says:

    It’s best to believe (or pretend to believe) in the tooth fairy as long as you can. When kids tell their parents they don’t believe in Santa, the only thing that happens is gifts get different labels. However, once parents know a child no longer believes in the tooth fairy, the teeth to money exchange ceases to exist.

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