#859 – Scarce

It’s frustrating when they stop making some sort of mass produced food product that you enjoy. Some things are generic enough that you can find a passable substitute. But it’s usually impossible to get the right combination of chemicals and industrial textures that your memory craves. What is your favorite long lost food item?

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153 thoughts on “#859 – Scarce”

  1. Polymorph says:

    Poor Biff, what will he ever do without his Super Noodle Bran in the morning?

  2. Tukikagami says:

    I remember lots of cereals they made just for movie releases…I was sad to see them go. And there was this boxed pasta stuff that I loved that went away for like 10 years. I was pleased they brought it back. And these lil strawberry jelly twinkie roll thingies.

  3. Heinrich says:

    i don’t think i have a favorite long lost food item, but i heard that jones soda is going out of business. i think that might end up being my favorite for a long time. ):

  4. JET73L says:

    At least he knew early enough to stockpile : P

    I dont have an entire brand of anything that’s been discontinued, but any time I find a variant of a soda that I really like (whether it’s limited edition or been around for years), it tends to disappear within a year, or even a few months.
    Along the lines of cereal, I still consider old Trix discontinued, since new Trix is just Trix-flavored fruit puffs (the shape was important for the proper ratio of soggification to crunchiness while maximizing flavor dispersement!)

    At least Biff now probably has more decoder rings than he (usually) has fingers. That’s /some/ consolation.

  5. Space Butler says:

    I’ll cease my laughter long enough to ask Biff: Is it worth it?

  6. MaskedMan says:

    Nice cereal stockpile…

    I miss the real banana-cream flavored filling in Twinkies.

  7. MaskedMan says:

    Oh, and whilst I at it… How much cereal does it take to achieve critical cereal mass, and what happens when you do?

  8. Dave D says:

    I miss Nesbitt’s orange soda – even better than Orange Crush imho (although Orange Crush is a passable substitute and which is better than Sunkist).

  9. Miles says:

    Man, I miss Zeltzer Seltzer, from when I was a kid. I’m sure Chris is old enough to remember it. I also hate it when my favourite deoderant is discontinued, my sunglasses are discontinued. Raybans have a year guarantee, but when I sent mine in for repair (even including the money to fix ’em) they wrote back saying they were discontinued, and kept my money too. WTH? They told me I could have a 40% discount on a new pair, but still what the heck man?

  10. Trauts says:

    I can’t remember if I’ve ever posted a comment on this particular Webcomic before… In case I haven’t I’d like to say that this is easily my second-favorite Webcomic after Order of the Stick. Considering the amount of Webcomics I read, the translation to that is: “This Webcomic is AWESOME!”

    But anyway, I just had to comment due to the question you posed:

    My long-lost favorite food item? Those Cadbury Crunchie Ice-cream bars (More common in the UK and Australia than the U.S.A I believe)…. They still technically produce and sell them, but only in Supermarket ‘boxes’ of ice-creams, occasionally, rather than all over the place at every gas station.

    I haven’t had one in years….*Cries*

  11. Crimson_regret says:

    They made mountain dew pitch black sour grape. I wish it still existed.

  12. Tim says:

    I remember at one time they made a really good pokemon cereal but discontinued it after a month *sniff*

  13. sammy says:

    Mine is vanilla coke. I know they still make it but in Australia its kinda hard to find them.

  14. ponzerelli says:

    Reese’s Nutrageous Bars, I haven’t seen them since they came out with the Reese’s Fast Break. A poor substitute.

  15. The Dukenator says:

    @sammy: Remember Surge?

  16. SilentDragon says:

    Well, I can’t think of anything I used to eat that I lost, but in one ice cream parlor I went to, they had the licorish flavor (like black licorish candies, but Ice Cream!), I’ve never seen it since and only had it that one time, but I would still call it my favorite ice cream flavor, I’ve never had the opportunity to return there and I don’t know the exact name/location 🙁
    So it’s almost as good as gone…

  17. Sharonna says:

    French toast crunch. It was amazing. And waffle crisp just isn’t as good…

  18. Se says:

    I miss rock candies; the old kind you’d get on strings. I guess they still make them but I can’t find them anywhere….

  19. Tomixcomics says:

    R.I.P. the following candy:

    -Rosemarie Harmony chocolate.

    -White Click XL chocolate with nougat filling.

    -Half-chocolate, half-vanilla red cow chcocolate.

    -Orange creme filled red cow chocolate.

    And maybe some other stuff which slipped my mind.

    As you can tell I’m a fan of chocolate.

  20. Cat says:

    When I was little I was obsessed with raisen wheats (breakfast cerial from the uk) and when I was about 9 or 10 my mum told me they’s stopped making them.

    I found out a couple of weeks ago (now aged 18) that she was lying cos she hated them and didn’t want to buy them any more!

  21. Trevor says:

    Ecto Cooler Hi-C. That stuff was delicious, and I used to have it all the time as a kid. To this day, there is nothing even similar to the Ecto goodness.

  22. Not Me says:

    Well, I don’t have that problem then. My favorite thing to eat is anything I’ve never had before.

  23. DracoZereul says:

    Crispy M&M’s, the ones that had the orange M&M with the constant spazz attack on the commercials. I’m glad there’s still Peanut Butter, but I’m always on the lookout, hoping for them to come back.

    And I know it’s a California thing, but when Mother’s Cookies went out of business, my whole family shed a tear. SO glad they made a comeback!

  24. Cyantre says:

    A cheese flavored snack cracker called Quackers and a sugar-coated fruit snack called Sodalicious. Maybe I just liked food with puns in their name. =P

  25. Amanda says:

    Oooo vanilla coke is a good one.

    For me it is Santa Fe style Gorditas from Taco Bell. They discontinued the stuff that made it “Santa Fe” a long long time ago.

  26. MarkS says:

    Taco Bell bought a smaller chain called Xantigo, which had an awesome green chili (which TB didn’t carry over). Still have the hankerin’ for that.

    Plus, McDonald’s test marketed a version of the Big Mac with quarter-pound patties (the “McFeast”) but not in my area. That would have been one of my favorite foods.

  27. hunt says:

    black cherrie vannilla ccoke, cant find that in any town within a couple hundred miles of me

  28. Eliza says:

    Dragonfruit flavored SoBe.

    Drank them all through college. They disappeared a few years ago.

  29. John Roberts says:

    They used to make this great soda called “Moxie”. It had a strong and unique taste that was a refreshing change from the field of colas.

    Someone still makes it – not the original, and they make it with *gag* corn syrup!

    Replacing sugar with corn syrup was the fizzy drink industry’s greatest sin, IMHO.

  30. Felix says:

    Over here in England, wew used to have Vanilla Ice Cream flavoured Chewits.
    I can almost taste them… ;_;

  31. Miles says:

    I know I already posted, but I miss Blue Pepsi, too. Sobe Green, too. The old Red Dr. Pepper was alright, but I like Cherry Dr. Pepper quite a lot.

  32. Michael Chapman says:

    Cookies and Cream Hershey bar. You were so young.

  33. Michael Chapman says:

    and a secon to Eliza about Dragon fruit Sobe. Did you ever have those “Element” drinks?” I think it was Fire, Rain, Wind, and something representing earth. The fire one was also dragonfruit. God I love dragonfruit!

  34. HowlAtMe.com says:

    The old Trix, with the multi-colored balls instead of the shaped pieces.

    Idk. They just TASTED different….

  35. Yami no Ite says:

    I feel ya DracoZereul on the Mother’s Cookies. The circus animal cookies are my favorite. THen I walked by a shelf with them in the supermarket, and was like, They’re back? Yes!!!!1

  36. Nilly says:

    Lunchables Dunkables; they stopped selling those ages ago. They were definitely my favorite out of their whole line; you could tear apart the breadsticks and put both dips on both sides. D= I miss those!

  37. Hershey says:

    I realize how silly this is, but I really miss how taco bell used to put chives on their fiesta potatos. It made a big difference to me to see something green :c
    I had something else too, but its slipping my mind now after reading all the comments xD

  38. There were these “Pop-Tart” bite-size snack thingies which were nothing like Pop-Tarts that were pretty good, but even better was the corresponding “Pop-Tart” cereal.

  39. CasualOtaku says:

    Here are just a handful of the things that disappeared before I was working for a living and had money to truly indulge.

    Hershey’s Bar None. Clear Pepsi. E.T. cereal., the purple horseshoes in Lucky Charms, and Mr. T cereal (yeah I know it was glorified Cap’n’Crunch but having him on the cover was part of the appeal)

  40. Fafnir13 says:

    Upside-down 7 Up. Or, as my group called it, Green. Vaults managed to fill the void, but I still miss that smooth flavor.

  41. Karl says:

    @Fafnir13 OMG dnL!!!!!! I still have a bottle from the upside-down 7up called dnL because I miss it so much. It was the best!

    Also missed forever will be Snapple Elements. They had so many flavors at peak production and now i think they still only make a few. I also have one of every bottle they made stored away somewhere. I just can’t let go of the memory. Gravity, the one with carrot, was my favorite.

  42. baughbe says:

    Dutch Apple unfrosted Pop Tarts,
    Purple Passion soda
    The Original Original Coca Cola (Before New Coke, after New Coke what they came back out with in ‘Original Coke’ was still not the same flavor as before.)

  43. Crystal says:

    In terms of cereal, I think Crispy Critters is one I miss the most (remember the commercial? – http://tinyurl.com/2tglbz). I also remember this potato skins chip from the mid 80s that I really dug, but the snack chip I miss most of all is probably “Pizzarias” (I think Keebler made them). Of course, this was all good when I was a kid – back then, I thought Pop-Tarts were tasty. Who knows if I’d like any of it now.

  44. Rhett says:

    Giggles. A little chocolate sandwich cookie with a smily face cut into the side.

    Pizza Flavored Cheese Nips.

    Choclate ELFudge with Peanut Butter filling.

  45. plipsig says:

    There used to be this super-smooth flavored peanut butter called Koogle; my favorite flavor was the cinnamon. Also a candy called Turkish Taffy was discontinued a while back, but I’ve read rumors of its returning to production sometime in 2010. Apple Slice soda…

  46. Bismuth says:

    Ocean Spray Ruby Mango Juice. RIP.

  47. buzzme says:

    Mmm, Carnation Breakfast Squares. Chocolate was OK, but I loved the Cinnamon. Last saw them in the 70’s.

    Banana-flavored Nilla Wafers. Use them instead of the regular wafers to make banana pudding for that extra-rich banana taste. I don’t know if they’re still made, but haven’t seen them for years.

  48. BandusGeekius says:

    I remember when they took Surge off the market. That was my favorite soda. They have substitutes, but it’s so not the same 🙁

  49. Austin Caine says:

    “NIN-TEN-DO… It’s a cereal now!”

  50. zar' says:

    Beeman’s gum. Though every five years or so they do a limited run. Last time I stocked up, so I have something like 80 packages at home.

  51. Laura says:

    Edy’s (or Dryer’s on the West Coast) Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake Ice Cream. FOOD OF THE GODS.

    And I also share the sentiment that new Trix tastes nothing like old Trix. :< What were they thinking when they replaced it?

  52. Wintermute says:

    @John Roberts

    You can still get Moxie with cane sugar, but you need to find a specialty shop that carries it. I know of a good one in Illinois (south of Buffalo Grove) but I’m sure if you looked you can find someone to get it for you.

  53. Mike says:

    Man, I hate it when they discontinue things. My favorite cereal was Timon and Pumba’s Mud and Bugs cereal. It was basically a chocolate Lucky Charms cereal, but it tasted a lot better than Lucky Charms. Unfortunately, it got discontinued some time ago and I rarely eat cereal anymore.

    Also, Hershey use to make these Gogurt like tubes filled with pudding instead of yogurt. Some of the best pudding I’ve had. Disappeared some time ago as well.

  54. Chris says:

    when i was a kid they made these miniature frozen pizzas that were about 3″ or so in diameter. they weren’t a bagel bite, they were actual pizzas on actual tiny pizza crusts. haven’t seen those in years.

  55. Ben & Jerry’s “Cool Britannia” ice cream.

  56. calliopejane says:

    Quisp cereal. I loved that stuff. Probably the closest I can get now is Cap’n Crunch, but it’s not quite the same.

    And the original Doo-Dads snack mix. They changed the flavor a couple decades ago and I didn’t really like it much any more. And now I think it no longer exists at all (probably b/c they changed the formula! It was awesome the way it was when I was a kid, why couldn’t they leave well enough alone??!!)

  57. AdmiralChaos says:

    I certainly hope jones never goes out of business.
    Or gatorade.

    I drink so much of both that I can’t stand the taste of plain water anymore O_o

  58. MaskedMan says:

    Cinnamon Carnation Breakfast Squares! Yes, I remember them – I didn’t get to eat many, ’cause my sisters always raided the cupboard first…

    Also had forgotten the banana-flavored ‘Nilla Wafers. Those were most excellent!

  59. beccity98 says:

    Regular tart’n’tiny’s. The new ones are candy coated like m&m’s. They were like sweetarts, only tiny. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the candy coated ones in a while.

    I also liked when the Sour Patch Kids fruits were available separately at the Sweet Factory. You know, where you can get a whole scoop of just the one you want. They still have most of them, but not the Grapes. I love the grapes! They still make them, but I have to sit and pick them out of the mix. They don’t come by themselves anymore.

  60. beccity98 says:

    I forgot. Ocean Spray had a limited run of Cran-blueberry juice that was only available at their factory in Vegas, or Seattle. I lived in Seattle for a year, and when I moved back to CA, I packed all I could fit in my suitcase!

    I know they have the 100% cran-blueberry, but it’s somehow not the same. Tastes funny. But I make my own now-one bottle of cranberry juice, and half a bottle of blueberry juice. Tastes great.

  61. Zaber says:

    Tis disquiet morning in the mess deck, when the lucky charms are absent from the cereal dispensers.

  62. Tetsudai says:

    Four words: Rice. Krispie. Treat. Cereal.

  63. TheBeigeKnight says:

    3D Doritos. I miss them so much.

  64. Dustin says:

    not sure if I really ‘miss’ them or if they were jsut way cool products but:

    S.N.A.F.U. flavored Ice Cream from Ben and Jerry’s
    Mister Salty super thin Pretzel sicks
    Crystal Pepsi

    Also, I know you can still get them but on the West Coast where i am, you simply cannot. That being said Mezzo Mix soda is simply the greatest thing ever put in a can and for all you East Coasters:

    WILLOW TREE CHICKEN SALAD. Count your blessings if you can get it, because I would sell a kidney to have some fresh.

  65. TemperG says:

    Not a food so much as a condiment: Brown Cow chocolate syrup. It was delicious on ice cream, sweet and tangy at the same time, and it made for great chocolate milk. Now you can only get Hershey’s syrup or liquid Quik. Nowhere near as good.

  66. trillian says:

    Planter’s cheese balls in the can
    New York seltzer

  67. Olz says:

    Fudgetown cookies and Edy’s Dreamery brand Cherry Budda Bing ice cream

  68. SpriteMeister says:

    Tim’s Dill Pickle flavored potato chips. Tim’s has just the right balance between Lays’ wafer-thinness and Kettle Chips’ gouge-the-roof-of-your-mouth-out thickness, but they discontinued my favorite flavor.

  69. Wannabeelf says:

    i don’t remember eating anything that they don’t make any more, but it’s just as frustrating when they change things. like i used to love Tony’s frozen pizzas for one, but they recently changed to a thinner crust and the crust was the best part, so now they suck. every frozen pizza i’ve ever really liked has changed something so that they are now unpalatable; i don’t know what i’m going to do for frozen pizza anymore.

  70. Kelly F. says:

    As far as discontinued cereals go, “Rocky Road” cereal was the best ever!


  71. kingklash says:

    Yeah, Surge! It was the closest thing I found to Rondo, another missed soda. Once they had a contest, where you peel off the label, and find a scratch-off on the inside. I won a pair of Motorola Walkabout radios. And you’re right about never quite finding the right combo of elements again. Kind of like when someone uses your car or computer, and changes some of the little things without telling you. It just doesn’t seem to feel right afterwards, no matter what you do to get it back to normal.

  72. Wannabeelf says:

    now i remeber discontinued stuff! i would like to second BandusGeekius on Surge and add Jolt. i miss sodas with guarana in them

  73. Julie says:

    I miss the bacon cheeseburger burrito from Taco Bell. Other foods I miss because they are regional to my home town and I can’t get them down here in Florida. One is Grandma Brown’s Baked beans which my family has to bring to me when ever they visit and the other is all the different flavors of Adirondac Soda. Thank you to Reese’s for bringing back the dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

  74. ryos says:

    Yoplait Banana flavored custard-style yogurt. Oh, how I miss it.

  75. Julie says:

    Dusin- You can keep your kidney, but I live half a mile from Willow Tree and I ate there on Wednesday.

  76. frullic says:

    I miss Oriental flavoured mr. noodle ramens, they were my fave

  77. sco3tt says:

    I miss Oops All Berries. I’d have filled the house if I knew they were going away like that. It still makes me sad, it was the best ever and now it’s gone. I try to drown my sorrows in Fibre One, but it’s very much not the same.

  78. MrMakkieHasAGun says:

    Tomato Salsa flavoured Shapes. (Australian Product)
    It’s going on 10 years since I tried them last, and I’ve been slowly going insane ever since.

  79. SkydiverTodd says:

    I know this is an old one– Blue Nehi Cream Soda. God, I loved that as a kid.

  80. Captain_Giggles says:

    Not exactly discontinued, but I remember when I was in Lagos in Portugal, they had this Fanta Grape that was divine, I brought home a six pack with me because you couldn’t get them in Ireland, and the Fanta Grape in America ain’t got nothing on Portugal’s one.

  81. The Dustin says:

    Jones is going out of business!?
    *runs of to hoarde Soda*

  82. the doctor derek says:

    omg I HATE that. My dad and I have come to realize that acme, the local supermarket, is keeping tabs on me and anytime I come in for a certain product often enough, they discontinue it. I can count at least like, 15 evidences at this point of certain food items I love and absolutely devour as soon as I get them, and then somehow the world ends their short, delicious lives too early. This saddens me deeply.
    in fact one of my favorite doritos, smokin’ cheddar bbq, just came out again so I’ve already bought like 5 bags. I remember eating them like 10 years ago and they were the best, and only within the past year have they been brought back, discontinued, and revived once more.

  83. the doctor derek says:

    others I miss: the life-saver lollipops, this brown-maple cured ham stuff, a large variety of chocolate chip cookies from different companies, (I love chocolate chip cookies) hershey’s made little milkshakes for a while that were astounding, and some others I can’t remember.

  84. Robin says:

    Pop-Tarts Cereal. When they said “limited time only,” they meant it, but it was absolutely delicious.

  85. reynard61 says:

    Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale. It was sold during the (IIRC) 2002 and 2003 Christmas seasons, but I haven’t seen it since. (Yeah, one can always mix ginger ale and cranberry juice; but it’s a *lot* more expensive that way…)

  86. Archemedes Rex says:

    I can think of a few… Trillian reminded me of Planter’s Cheese Balls; Also, Tyson’s Riblets; Texans may remember H-E-B’s Bratwurst Bites; Patio Mini Tacos (TV dinners still came in foil back then); Taco flavored Doritos, which was gone for twenty years, then came back in a limited run this year renamed “Tacos at Midnight”; and, lastly, the Arch Deluxe.

  87. Lunakrypt says:

    I am with CasualOtaku I miss the Bar None bar so much. It was my favorite candy bar to date. Whatchamacallit is a very poor substitute. But I have recently found out that they are still being sold in Mexico… But I am nowhere near mexico. And as cereal goes, I miss Oreo O cereal.

  88. Kimmeh says:

    Vanilla Coke and this imported raspberry beer that got bought by another company that doesn’t want to import. :/

    Although I heard vanilla Coke still exists in Rocking Johnny’s restaurants?

  89. butterfly22 says:

    I miss lime flavored Coke (not the diet lime, which they still have). Vanilla was good too.

  90. JinnySH says:

    reynard61: they still sell Canada Dry cranberry ginger ale in BC, but mostly just during the winter months. I had some extra stashed at my dads place after new years, so i last had it in april. mmm. can’t wait for more in november!

  91. Linzleh says:

    And I thought I was the only one that was cursed with “if you like it then we’ll discontinue it.” Silly me, guess there’s a lot of us squirreling away stashes of the last of something….

  92. Codename V says:

    my long lost food item was when they stopped selling hot pockets and vanilla coke in canada. Hot stuffs just aren’t the same

  93. Radical Edward says:

    I’m with Lunakrypt. I miss eating that Oreo cereal. I thought it was great until people started complaining that it wasn’t nutritious.

  94. Rodrigo says:

    I remember the Pop Tarts with yogurt in them, they were insanely delicious, if they still made them I would always buy them, but I have to stick to Hot Fudge Sundae for now.

  95. Dirrus says:

    Peanut Butter Twix (Twix PB with the chocolate cookie sucks)
    Sourdough bacon cheeseburger at BK

    I keep worrying that ben + jerry’s might discontinue Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream……

  96. Robin says:

    Crispy M&M’s, anyone?

  97. JET73L says:

    @ CalliopeJane: They still make Quisp, you just have to buy it direct from the company. They no longer ship it to distributors. You might be able to get it from a specialty store, but it would be easiest (but probably not cheap) to order it from the company online.

    Surge was one of those I liked. Muntain Dew is good too, but the flavor is just too different (and curse you, PespsiCo, for continually discontinuing the flavors of Dew I like and only keeping them with different recipes or the flavors I don;t like!).

  98. SpaceKGreen says:

    …Haven’t been able to find my Sobe Power at any store recently… that was my favorite…

    And Sobe Grape Grog. God that was good stuff.

  99. ThatSomethingGuy says:

    Where to start? Hokay. Pizza flavoured Pringles. White-Cheese Cheese Balls. I offered some of these special limited edition Cheese Balls that I loved to a friend. He ate a couple and informed me, almost spitting them out, that they tasted like ‘monkey spunk’. Go figure. Salsa flavoured Mammoths (corn snack with an AMAZING and badly missed flavour). Vanilla Coke, which apparently was trialed here in New Zealand, and then released in Australia (DAMN YOU!). Sometimes I even miss Raspberry Coke. And DEFINITELY Cherry Coke. Original L&P (before the Coca-Cola Company got to it). I kinda miss Salt and Vinegar popcorn. Strange product, but tasty. And finally, original Swiss Maid Dairy Food, especially Vanilla (not seen since the 80s).

  100. Vato says:

    Apple Jacks will never die.

  101. Rob says:

    Lunakrypt and Radical Edward know what’s up. Oreo O’s were amazing.

  102. Connell says:

    Planter’s Cheez Curlz. Cheetos just ain’t the same.

    And Now Little Debbie has destroyed my favorite cupcakes and turned them into Hostess copies.

  103. Fennec says:

    @everyone who misses Surge

    Man that stuff was Nasty. Well, IS nasty. They still sell where I’m at. I miss my MELLO YELLO. They had the gall to replace that with Surge. NOT a good substitute. Neither is Mountain Dew, so don’t go there lol. It just isnt the same.

    How I miss thee, oh sweet deliciousness that was Mello Yello. I always loved you. XD

  104. Katy says:

    When I was in Mexico about ten years ago, I was addicted to the apple joya’s. Can’t get them here in Missouri, not even at the specialty pop store in the St. Louis Mills mall. I tried a different flavored apple pop…and it just wasn’t the same.

  105. moogle says:

    A little known cereal called corn bran. It was like little brown pillows of amazing.

  106. Snook says:

    Plantars made P.B. Crisp which I barely remember from my early childhood. Flaky crispy soft shell around a peanut buttery center sweet enough to be candy. Nutter Butters can’t even compare.
    Anyone seen these anywhere?

  107. Archemedes Rex says:

    Whoh. I actually remember Mello Yello.

  108. I’d hate to see the look on Biff’s face when it finishes. 🙁

  109. N2O1138 says:

    Oreo O’s, 3D Doritos, and a few others will all be missed…

    But what I miss most is Chili’s High and Mighty Ice Cream Pie. Apparently they discontinued it because too much melted during shipping. By now I can barely remember what it was like, but I know it was good. I’m only 18, but it’s gotten to the point where no Chili’s employees even know about it anymore.

  110. MoX says:

    Jalapeno Dorito 3D’s and Pepsi Blue

    Of course Dorito’s Jalapeno 3D’s were the best. I have never found anyone who didn’t like them. This past year when they were releasing a new flavor I thought they got their senses back, however it was just 5 or 6 strange new flavors. I tried the late night Jalapeno poppers, but That was a swing and miss.

    I went through Army basic in the past 6 months and heard about a new blue soda. My heart skipped a beat as i imagined the orgasmic taste of Pepsi Blue. It turned out that it was just Mountain Dew Voltage which is delicious but I can no longer get due to being stationed in Germany. Besides it’s too good so it’ll be discontinued any day now.

  111. gregghead says:

    I miss Jack-in-the-box tacos, none left in the midwest, or at least Michigan.

    When I’m on the road and find one I always stop and get a few.

  112. Frank says:

    Jello Pudding Pops.

  113. Tirinka says:

    Jones’ Soda is going out of business?! *cries… and goes out to buy a lot of it.*

    Other than that, Garlic Butter Ritz are a food item I will miss forever. ;A; They were so gooooooood…~ I love garlic, I love salt, and I love Ritz, and they took away that lovely combination.

  114. trebane says:

    The product I will likely miss for the rest of my life was a Pepsi soda called Josta. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josta

    That soda was incredibly delicious, but alas… it will likely never return.

  115. Jeff says:

    Highliner Fish-rings, kind of like onion rings, but with generic processed fish inside.

  116. shadesfire says:

    Rice Crispy Treats cereal is the best! I can still get it every now and then, but the whole box is gone in a day.
    Also, Dunkaroos. Especially the kind with confetti icing. How I miss those!

  117. Disco says:

    Cinnamon french toast. the taste has haunted my dreams for years. if they ever remake it though, it’ll probably suck. Like honey combs changed.

  118. Bad0123 says:

    I miss my beloved Oreo cereal and those cheap but massively chocolaty, Wonka Chocolate Donuts! T_T They were like 25 cents! Why?!

  119. Laurels says:

    Ugh, I have a bunch! I miss Vault, that Mountain-Dewish energy drink thingy? I dunno what the difference is between that and Amp, but sometimes I just want a plastic bottle lol.

    My store actually sells Dunkaroos! If they ever get rid of it, I would be devastated D:

    WOW I forgot about the Oreo Os! They were my favorite! And Doritos 3D… mmmm

    Haha, my store actually sells Quisp as well. It’s pricey, though… maybe it will make a comeback elsewhere. 😀

  120. Joe says:

    I’m just happy to see Boo Berry back on the shelves during Holloween, it used to be that they would only release Count Chocula and Franken Berry. Of course it wastn’t the flavor I liked, it was the fact that he was blue.

  121. Marty says:

    Carnation Breakfast Bars are what I miss the most (not the chewy ones they morphed into later, but the original firm and somewhat crumbly ones). I was partial to the Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter kind. It seems silly but they were far better and more flavorful than anything out there now. *Sigh*…

  122. Justin says:

    Ecto Cooler, again.
    I don’t know if I’d call them my “favorites”, but the holiday-dinner-flavored six packs Jones used to sell around Thanksgiving were certainly different.

    @SilentDragon – Reed’s Dairy was mentioned in Saveur Magazine recently for, among other things, having black licorice flavored ice cream. http://www.reedsicecream.com

  123. Scythemantis says:

    Keebler used to make these mini chocolate chip cookies with chocolate cream filling.

    For about a year there was a delicious “butterfinger bites” cereal as Simpsons cross-promotion.

    Ecto cooler.

  124. Gregg E. says:

    Butter Brickle icecream and soda with real sugar. PepsiCo will be producing another run of Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback this December, made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. I got some Mt.D throwback the first time, that first drink was a flashback to the 1970’s when soda was real soda and little furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real little furry creatures from Alpha Centauri. As for Pepsi Throwback, I only managed to get one bottle. Dayum! That stuff is actually better than CocaCola!

  125. Gregg E. says:

    Yeah the fruit shaped Twix is utterly wrong. Looks like it’s been coated with non-osmotic, semi-permeable, non-nutritive cereal varnish. I miss the Crunch Berries that was just the berries. When they ended that they put other ghastly flavors in the regular Crunch Berries.

  126. Arjurett says:

    I don’t think I have anything too out there, but Ravioli-Os were recently discontinued as far as I can tell. I also loved Count Chocula. Archway chocolate chip cookies(the crunchy ones) are mostly dead and only appear in stores once every three months or so. Not gone, but they changed the pepperoni in Red Baron’s Deep Dish Singles, it’s actually regular pepperoni now, but the diced cubes worked so well. Totino’s did something similar. Is there some market for sliced and cubed pepperoni that I don’t know about that fluctuates?

  127. Buckeroo says:

    Crystal Pepsi
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies
    S’mores Crunch cereal (the currently available Smorz is a poor substitute)

  128. LitoJ says:

    I miss Pepsi Blue ;_;

  129. David says:

    The original Trix cereal.

    And a sort of gummy fruit candy that came in the shape of little ellipsoids. I think I miss its smell most.

  130. Ravinos says:

    I second that longing for Crystal Pepsi.

  131. Inara says:

    Food: Care Bear Waffles. I know they were just ‘miscellaneous fake berry’ flavored, but they were awesome, and no other frozen waffle has ever tasted as good to me.

    Drink: The Matrix flavor of Powerade – it was black cherry and lime, it was bright green, and it was the tastiest beverage known to mankind. Hell, the drink was better than the second and third movies… I keep hoping that they’ll bring back that combination, but honestly, I keep seeing less and less Powerade of *any* flavor around here.

  132. Keturah says:

    My fiancee would give his right arm for the return of Crystal Pepsi. He’s absolutely obsessive about it.

    I have so many, it’s hard to know where to begin.

    Breakfast foods? How about a granola cereal by Post called “C.W. Post.” The new Just Bunches caramel flavor comes close…but there is still something missing. I also miss a LOT of the non-frosted PopTart flavors. I like to fix my PopTarts with melted butter, and the frosted kind just don’t have enough butter absorbing surface area. Anymore, I can only reliably get the Strawberry flavor and the Cinnamon/Brown Sugar (which I hate) in unfrosted.

    Drinks? Zelter Seltzer, Orbits (what WERE those little balls made of?), Someone above mentioned the Snappel Elements series. Air flavor in the GLASS BOTTLE, please! Even Diet Air was good, and I usually hate the diet version of any beverage.

    Fast Food? Well, they’ve closed all the Dariy Queens where I am, so just put me down for missing ANYTHING on the DQ menu. It drives me CRAZY when I see a commercial for DQ Blizzards on cable, I want one so badly. Hardee’s hamburgers…Carl’s Jr IS NOT THE SAME. The McDonald’s McChicken that was made with a chicken patty that was just an OLD STYLE chicken nugget, not the spicy “Cajun McChicken” holdover patties we have now. And speaking of that…OLD STYLE chicken nuggets, too. I would also trade an entire trunkfull of “baked” pies just to have ONE of McD’s FRIED cherry pies again.

    For just general snack foods, I know I’m going to be showing my age on this one (I’m not really THAT old), but I also miss when Sears stores had candy counters where you could get seasame crackers that were kept warm under heated lights. Some of the specailty candy stores in mall’s still sell seasame crackers that way, but I’ve never found any as good as the one’s I used to get at Sears. And I second whomever mentioned the strawberry and cream Twinkie, too.

    On the plus side, a few things I like went away and came back again, most recently the Carl’s Jr. Teryaki burger.

  133. Lisha says:

    Dr.Pepper released a cherry vanilla cola in diet form that I haven’t been able to find anywhere since. It was wonderful, had no aftertaste, was sufficiantly vanilla AND cherry flavoured and had zero calories – a nice feature for somebody who doesn’t drink pop often but doesn’t need the 400 calories it can empty into you for no reason. I really wish I could find it in Canada again.

  134. Raspherbel says:

    Sky Bars(Chocolate Bar With 4 Sections. One having fudge,one having vanilla filling, one having caramel,and the last having a penuty-type filling). Apparently they still make em once a year, or something like that…. My mom got me a whole box (32…or was it 16?Or even 62?!?) of them 2ish years ago.
    also,Vanilla Coke, Among other things

  135. Raspherbel says:

    Oh, and Cherry & Cherry Vanilla Coke.

  136. gege says:

    Sprite Remix.

  137. Lanigh says:

    Clearly Canadian Blackberry flavored water. I think they relaunched them in 2006, but they taste different. Oh, and while not discontinued it is something I can’t get anymore, the pizza they served when I was in school. If I could by those things, I would.

  138. Colanah says:

    *agrees with Lanigh about the pizzas of school* I think they put crack in the crust because folks that never had a quarter to lend you always had the extra money for those pizzas.

    Strawberry honecombs – awesome. Chocolate? Not so much
    Blueberry pancake cereal – Kroger sold it then stopped
    Honey bunches of oats. – even if it cut the inside of your mouth like razors, it was tasty and NEVER went soggy in under 10 hours in milk.
    sharp cheddar cheese spread. – for this I weep. Heavily.
    strawberry banana juice – walmart sold it then stopped selling it. I weep and I rage. I need a hug.
    light blue sprite or was it mountain due?
    peppermint coffee creamer – hate its seasonal. So good in tea
    powdered eggnog – see above but in milk, brownies, chocolate milk, etc

    Personals (non food i know but still, i miss them so)
    Suave medicated facial cleanser. – it was sooooooo good for my skin!
    sunripened raspberry ANYthing from suave – i love that scent
    berries and cream ANYthing from suave – notice a trend to suave? They just break your heart all the time.
    vanilla mint crest – i can’t find it near me.

  139. lajekahr says:

    @Hershey: I soooooooo agree! Mexican pizzas just aren’t the same without green onion.

    My big one: C3PO eyes cereal. I loved that stuff. I was so mad when the last box of it we had got infested with ants. My parents couldn’t find it anymore at the store. T_T

    I also miss the original honey nut cheerios. I swear it had a real honey glaze, you could see it left a film in the middle of many of the O’s, now it’s just this bland honey like flavoring thing.

  140. good.news says:

    balsamic red wine salad dressing.
    about 2 weeks after i discovered it, it was off the shelves.
    i was pissed >(

  141. Boumama says:

    Yes to Crystal Pepsi and Pepsi Blue. And 7Up Gold was really good, too. I also remember from about a million years ago a cereal called Freakies. I can’t even remember what it tasted like, but I remember my mom bought it for me when I was a toddler.

    My b/f has been aggravated for years now that his Desert Spice deodorant was discontinued.

  142. Fuzzy says:

    I remember there used to be a bagel accomplice to toaster strudels, shaped the same but with a bagel-y outside and fruity cream cheesy inside. I miss those so, so much.
    Also, I hardly ever see frutopia anymore, and I remember this soda released briefly when I was little, black with a picture of a jaguar on the side but I can’t remember the name, only that it was really good.
    And I remember getting crave from the local gas stations, little plastic vials filled with powdered candy goodness that turned your tongue black. Amazing.

  143. Scarab says:

    BUTTON CANDY!!!!!!!!!!! Gods, how I miss my button candies. :'(
    and those plastic vials that Fuzzy mentioned.

  144. stephen says:

    wow alot of posts for this one id guess id have to say pebbles ceral from the flinstones it was like fruit loops but just better

  145. johnc1 says:

    Mountain Dew Pitch Black II-the sour one, Watermelon Pop-Tarts, Oreo Os, and to Laurels, we still have Vault in Indiana

  146. kcuDohcysP says:

    They still have the banana twinkies.

  147. SurveySays says:

    Dunkaroos. i really miss Dunkaroos. I tried regular frosting and graham crackers for a while but it wasn’t the same…

  148. SurveySays says:

    I also remember these little tubes filled with liqued sour candy that had a gummy worm in the middle of it all. i dont remember the name of those tho.

  149. Tech says:

    Cherry Coke (can’t get it in Canada, so I always grab a bunch when I come back from America) and Black Pepper Jack Doritos (although the Jalapeno ones are close enough)

  150. Damoncord says:


  151. CFsoftie says:

    Horlicks Malties. Horlicks is a brand of malt drink popular in the UK, Malties were a sweet that they brought out many years ago. They didn’t last long, and I was left with a craving that can never be satisfied. ☚ī¸

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