#58 – Closet


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  1. Chryssta says:

    Oh look, Biff was pushed out of the closet…

  2. Fenix says:

    That’s why I only get plastic hangers :S…

  3. Warcrime says:

    such force…. i mean he got three hangers sticking thorugh him…. those htngs must shoot out like bullets.

  4. BOFH says:

    been there… done that… got the t-shirt… wore it once… got stabbed through the heart with a coat hanger…

  5. zantarath says:

    This reminds me of when i was a kid, my sister and I got into an argument, and she started throwing nails at me. I got stabbed in the stomach and needed 18 stitches.

  6. Chunky says:




  7. Female Fox Furry says:

    That’s why I don’t use coathangers. =P

    “This reminds me of when i was a kid, my sister and I got into an argument, and she started throwing nails at me. I got stabbed in the stomach and needed 18 stitches. ”

    Wow… That’s horrible. o.o The worst I’ve ever thrown was a shoe, and that ‘only’ gave my brother a scar…

  8. Omegaboot says:

    my brother. a broom. handle-first. right through a glasses-lens into my right eye. and the bridge of the glasses left a scar in the bridge of my nose. :O

  9. Oddly Frozen says:

    great, now im gonna have nightmares of brooms and glasses

  10. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    *wimpers* I wear glasses. *wimpers louder* And I have a BROTHER. *wimpers very loudly* AND I HAVE A BROOM!!!

    1. Skunkape says:

      Did you know 99.9 percent of people who have both brothers and brooms die.

  11. Mint Sharpie says:

    Biff’s lucky that wasn’t MY closest. He’d be crushed by a full set of heavily denim-loaded solid wood shelves falling on him. As well as several shoe boxes filled with my rock collection. And an old karate uniform. Or three. And the Choir Dress from Beyond the Abyss. Oh smothering sack of nylon! How I despise thee!

  12. DemonRex says:

    Those wire hangers can be vicious when they’re startled.

  13. MetMan.EXE says:

    You can tell the closet’s full when there are hangers on the door frame to the room with the closet.

  14. Nero Rose says:

    You know, I still look at that broom comment and the first thing that comes to mind is “Incest and sodomy” Is that bad?

  15. Radical Edward says:

    I’m living with my family in an apartment until our house is built. I have to deal with various dangers like the VCR I use to record my progress of a game.

    The VCR is vicious…

  16. Viccica says:

    Well, I guess you just never know when one of those accursed wire hangers will pounce.

    Blast! Foiled again!

    ((NO MORE WIRE HANGERS! -sob-))

  17. WonofTew says:

    My friend has to wear a hat when exposed to florescent lights because his eyes are messed up. The reason? He and his brother were messing around when he got stabbed in the eyes by a giant stick. >.

  18. Fluffy Owner says:

    He got shanked by clothes hangers. What next the jackets strangle him and the pants give him a wedgie? XD

  19. Elkian says:

    I’ve been spanked with the plasitc triangle hangers.
    As punishment. By my mom.

  20. Elkian says:

    We were playing handball in gym, Iwas goalie…this guy who hates me threw the ball, even though it was PAINFULLY obvious there was only an inch of space between me and the wall…

  21. Elkian says:

    Knocked me over, knocked my glasses off, glasses got twisted. Two periods later, using walls as support to go to the nurse office.

  22. Elkian says:

    I almost fall off the chair inside. I held on as tight as I could to the armrests….thank God they were wood, and it was one of those solid wood upholstered chairs…Mom took me home.

  23. Elkian says:

    Turns out my sense of equilibrium was PPBBBBLLLTTT-*. Yeah.
    Those little foam balls? NOT HARMLESS!

  24. rockerofsocks says:

    he was forced to come out of the closet.

  25. Bazza says:

    The worst thing I’ve ever done on an inanimate object? You know how teachers tell you to NOT EVER LEAN THE CHAIRS ON TWO LEGS? Well I did. Fell off, knocked myself out, stoped breathing, had a fit and then woke up thinking it was two hours ago. Yeah, DON’T LEAN THE CHAIRS ON TWO LEGS! They get nasty about it and throw you off.

  26. funnyman141 says:

    motorcycles don’t like being ridden on one wheel threw me of under my dads bike couple of bones broken and a really bad tire mark up my back don’t piss motorcycles off they gang up on you and there HEAVY!!

  27. Creep says:

    I will lean on as many legs as I want, thank you very much.

  28. Whatever you want, Creep, but when it happens don’t say we didn’t warn you 😀

  29. Zero says:

    @Bazza I did the same only somehow the chair leg managed to hit one of my front teeth. Broke about a third of it off and exposed the nerve. To this day I still can’t have anything touch it or it send excruciating pain through it.

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