#1871 – Chase

Any dreams I have of being chased seem to start right up mid chase.  I’m never just sitting around minding my own business when a monster shows up. It’s usually just the end of the chase where I get to my house and suddenly find it impossible to get the key in the lock.

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3 thoughts on “#1871 – Chase”

  1. I don’t really know if I’ve had any of those “being chased”-dreams… Sure, I’ve had dreams where I was trying to get away from someone/something by sneaking and hiding and such, but I can’t remember any dreams where I’ve been actively chased by the person/thing in question…

  2. kingklash says:

    A few times I’ve had a dream where I’m chasing something down. And, just as I realize if I catch up to it, it will most likely shred me like a thing to be shredded. Right before I finally get to it, I wake up. I got to try to recognize when I’m right on it, and try to run in the other direction.

  3. I can’t run in a straight line in my dreams. Also, my chase dreams involve hopping fences in order to escape and being concerned with homeowners catching me trespassing.

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