#1677 – Lodge

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! New comics resume on Friday.

I mainly drink water all day. On the rare occasion where a headache coincides with a glass of soda I’ve tried to gulp it down as if it were water. I feel that burning sensation in my nose and look down at my shirt covered in foam.


7 thoughts on “#1677 – Lodge”

  1. I almost never drink water just as it is. I drink coffee, which usually contains more milk than coffee…

    I have never experienced that “burning sensation” when drinking soda, but that’s probably because I drink everything so slowly. One sip, put the cup down. A minute later: One sip, put the cup down…

    1. Chris says:

      The burning sensation is when you have soda shooting out your nose. Try it!

  2. kingklash says:

    When I was in Elementary School, I was diagnosed with Asthma. One of the medications had to be taken with a lot of water. Over time, I learned to take nearly all my meds with the water, and later it came in handy for taking all my diabetic pills in one gulp. Tea, coffee, most sodas, anything I can drink, I can down it quickly if I have to. I’d probably be at a Bill “The Fox” Foster level of beer drinking, but I don’t drink alcohol.

  3. pbarnrob says:

    “Carbonated” beverages (sodas/tonics, sparkling wines) have CO2 dissolved in the liquid, under pressure (even “two-cents-plain” from a seltzer bottle); that’s the fizz, and is also known as Carbonic Acid, which is why a Coke(TM) can dissolve a nail, and clean countertops in the radar van (but needed rinsed to get rid of the sugar!) The fact of it being acid is the source of the burn. An old flat Coke left in the fridge wouldn’t burn, but would definitely taste different…

    1. kaitou says:

      The lack of sugar is why Diet Coke makes a better desk cleaner.

  4. kaitou says:

    I once coughed a DayQuil caplet up my nose. It doesn’t fit. Had to wait for it to dissolve the outer coating and then flush the orange goo out with a saline nose spray. Eeeuuuuurrgghh!

  5. Gewurztraminer says:

    I mainly drink Mountain Dew when I have a soda and am always surprised by the amount of carbonation contained in other sodas.

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