#1675 – Unrequited

Usually I have the opposite of this where I have a dream fight with one of my friends. Occasionally though I’ll have a good dream about someone I don’t usually get along with. It makes me be a little nicer the next time I see them. I wonder what would happen if we had similar dreams at the same time.

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9 thoughts on “#1675 – Unrequited”

  1. Will says:

    One day, one of my coworkers walks in and tells me that my brother is a jerk. I am obviously confused since they have never met. Apparently, he had a dream the night before in which he went to my brother’s job(the only information he knew about my brother) and my brother was very rude to him.

  2. I’ve never had any of those “unusually rude” or “unusually nice” dreams, the closest thing is when I get a new item or something breaks in my dream, and a while after I’ve woken up, I’ll get confused because whatever happened in the dream isn’t real anymore.

  3. Anon_omis says:

    The only time I can really remember dreaming is when I fall asleep listening to something. Normally what I am hearing manifests in my dreams. Sadly that never happens to audio books, which would be freaking awesome to be a character in a book

  4. Baughbe says:

    Would that it had been but a dream…..

  5. kingklash says:

    “I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie. And I was the star of the movie, which really blew my mind….”

  6. TJovian says:

    This reminds me of a Little Einsteins video my niece was watching that featured a realistic looking “friendly” polar bear. We have polar bears in Alaska. None of which are friendly. I had to explain that to my niece lest she try to get friendly with the local fauna.

  7. pbarnrob says:

    This alternate life (which may just be the real one, this the dream) has all kinds of possibilities, not the least of which is resolving conflicts, especially in our own outlook and feelings. Don’t pet the cobra (or the bear), but making careful tentative outreach to other people (who for some reason you don’t understand have been negative to you) could pay off. Just don’t give away any fingers. Let the dog sniff a loosely closed fist, until you are invited to pet him.

  8. Peter Wolff says:

    But the bear DID love you! It loves all fresh an tender humans!

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