#1496 – Impression

I really freak myself out sometime when staying at a hotel or relatives house. I’ll groggily wake up forgetting where I am and panic when I see unfamiliar shapes and shadows. Fortunately my screams have been short enough to not panic anyone besides my wife.

Also, new shirt!

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7 thoughts on “#1496 – Impression”

  1. Rayjay says:

    Oh, god. I’ve actually done this…

  2. ZeoViolet says:

    For once Biff’s wearing pajamas! XD

    Second….I want that shirt! (The Hugs Bison one….)

  3. If Biff’s head really hard (or heavy) enough to make an impression in the wall?

    Hey, I think I kinda figured out what my noisy neighbours are doing all the time! The slam their heads to the wall, just like Biff did! Only that they do it on purpose, all the time! Yes, they really are that noisy!

  4. kingklash says:

    Depending on how hard you bonk your noggin, it’s almost as stimulating as coffee.

    1. das-g says:

      Warning: Higher doses may have a contrary effect.

  5. Pyro says:

    thankfully I always get out of bed feet first so it’s only broken toes I need to watch out for when getting out of bed in a new place.

  6. Shalderave says:

    Actually I take that back, about 2009 he started to morph to his current look, must have been the 2005 archives I was thinking of.

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