#1330 – Vision

Being sick in the summer heat is a double whammy. My brain is being boiled from the inside and the outside. Good thing I have this hot Indian curry to even out the temperature in the rest of my body. Oh no… this was a mistaaaaaaaaaa….

Today’s Maximumble is fast.

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5 thoughts on “#1330 – Vision”

  1. Ray A. says:

    OW! Brain freeze! Ow …

  2. mysteryman203 says:

    ultimate brain freeze *looks at melting otterpop*

  3. Maskman says:

    Hot indian curry will clear your sinueses quite efficiently… The scalding tears creates might even cause you to melt eye holes though your low-end “Ice Head – Brain Chilling System just like it was a premium model. Multi-purpose winner!

    (BTW: He’s using the wrong tool for the ice – you want a soldering iron)

  4. The Dustin says:

    pssh! Just wear goggles.

  5. MOO says:

    the super premium version has air holes, too.

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