#1172 – Hosed

When I was a kid we had a canister vacuum that allowed you to put the hose on the opposite end and have it blow out air instead of suck it in. This was really cool for levitating ping pong balls. Since we didn’t have any trees in our house and therefore had no need for an indoor leaf blower I’m not sure what else it was for. Maybe blowing air into your mouth to simulate falling out of an airplane?

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14 thoughts on “#1172 – Hosed”

  1. MaskMan says:

    I now have an image of Biff running a vacuum cleaner like a film running in reverse – Backing up and laying down dust and dirt behind him as he goes. The further back, the worse the mess…

  2. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    I just hate to think whatd happen if he got on a floor buffer style vaacuum cleaner 😛

  3. PsychoDuck says:

    Only one of the visible hose segments is part of the vacuum. The rest are part of a giant mecha-snake which entered Biff’s world via the rip in reality created during his time traveling. All that just so he could go back and pay the phone bill on time…

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  4. tom says:

    The blow tube is for blowing things off of stuff. Papers on your desk? Bam, not any more. Too lazy to take your hat off? Fwoosh. You get the picture

    It’s a lot cheaper than vacuuming, ’cause the filter doesn’t get dirty. You can use it on hardwood, too. Like a broom. But louder.

    It’s like a hair dryer, but it doesn’t dry, it just blows. It’s a hair blower. Well, a loud hair blower.

  5. Gwid says:

    If I had a time machine, I’d go forward in time and find out what the lottery numbers were.

  6. soilent says:

    gwid won’t work because the chaotic butterfly effect changes the numbers when you return.
    you could send yourself an sms, though…

  7. fluffy says:

    Shop-vacs have an exhaust tube for dusting things off, yeah. Also, it’s one of those “why not” things, since all vacuum cleaners need to have an exhaust of some sort anyway, so why not make it functional?

    It’s also fun to put latex gloves over the exhaust and inflate them.

  8. Grug says:

    @PsychoDuck But then Biff would have to fight the floating disembodied head of Colonel Sanders!

  9. asea1994 says:

    But vacuum’s are NECESSARY for time travel!
    (Book of Biff #755)

  10. Phos says:

    You could hook up several vacuums in serial to have one super high pressure vacuum!

  11. Ladybug says:

    Vacuums can blow out so you can use it to inflate blow-up beds without exhausting everyone’s lungs 🙂

  12. YukiYukimura says:

    You know, when you are in school and you have to write (*about woodwork projects, ect.*):
    “If I could go back in time, I would change my design by blah blah meaningless junky school work”?

    Well, screw that! With a screwdriver!

    @Ladybug – Blowing up air-beds with YOUR MOUTH!
    Dear god, sir/madam, were you INSANE?!
    You could have gotten Blowupatosis!
    Or worse still, Inflatapox!
    Also, air-pump, anyone?

    …reverse vacuum…

    Yours hyperly,

  13. linak says:

    and as we all know of course, left untreated blowupatosis can lead to exploadoriasis

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