#119 – Lemon


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  1. J says:

    i vote pretty much every day, just not from any link on the page. i have a subfolder in my bookmarks full of vote pages for various webcomics (including biff) and once a day i hit “open in tabs” and cycle through them, voting as i go

  2. Chris says:

    Ah, so you are the one! 🙂

  3. Ali says:

    i vote almost every day….except for last week because i was in the twilight zone
    i like this comic from yesterday
    i got pink eye yesterday and it felt like i had lemon juice in my eye

  4. Harlequin says:

    I hate eyedrops anyway so this made me cringe… and laugh of course. Keep it up, Chris!

  5. Eirikr says:

    Something comparable to this happened to me. I was cutting and preparing peppers when an unlucky squirt got a tiny droplet on my contact, in my eye. It wasn’t bad, but it was annoying, so I washed my hands and went into the bathroom to try to remove the contact. Little did I know that when you’ve been cutting peppers for 20 minutes, normal handsoap and washing practices are not quite enough to rid your hands completely of all pepper oil. I was floored for 10 minutes, unable to do anything but writhe and moan unintelligibly.

  6. Vex says:

    Eirikr, You’ve just brightened my day. Hehehe! I can’t stand Eyedrops though.

  7. gameboyaddict says:

    back in high school, we had to disect a fetal pig. When I was cutting open the stomach, the fromaldahide (or however you spell that) squirted out and into my eye. A few minutes later the lunch bell rang. I saved five bucks that day….

  8. Chuck says:

    The pepper made me think about this weekend, I was cuting limes and cut right through one of em and straight into my finger(yeah, I know, my mom told me never to cut towards my fingers). Fortunately, I was mildly intoxicated, so I didn’t really feel as the lime juice burned inside my wound…

  9. zantarath says:

    Lemon juice…. Eye…..

  10. Female Fox Furry says:

    I think ali used alot of sentences starting with ‘i’s. ;o

  11. Ben says:

    biff likes to put the wrong things next to each other doesn’t he?

  12. Machton says:

    oh biff. hopefully now you’ll move the hydrochloric acid from the medicine cabinet, too…

    and one time I made a sandwich with a number of jalapeños on it. i had to reach into the jar to get them, and i made sure to wash my hands three times before trying to take out my contacts FOUR HOURS LATER. I quickly realized there was still some jalapeño juice on my fingers somewhere…

    Erikir, I can sympathize with your writhing and moaning unintelligibly. It took a while before I finally worked up the nerve to bite the bullet while I took them out. >.

  13. Konola says:

    You know those mouthwash bottles from the hotel? Well they have this aluminum wrapping on the hole, and this sucker did NOT want to come out. The being very Biff like I looked at the mouth wash bottle squishing it very hard. Next 5 seconds the seal finally broke, over half of the stuff went in to my eye. Let’s say for a minute I would go blind. Luckily it was easy to wash the stuff out, but hard to get the feeling out. Good news, my eye had fresh breath that night.

  14. Oddly Frozen says:

    science class
    fire/chemical experiment
    my eye

    figure out why i got glasses the next day

  15. Spoot Knight says:

    You know what’s bad? Having capsicum in your eyes…
    (The thought of it’s bringing the burning feeling back…)
    And if you don’t know what capsicum is…it’s what makes chilies hot.

  16. Alex says:

    This is actually the first Biff I ever saw. It was in an ad on another site.

  17. Kadro says:

    oh man, This is easily my favourite Book of Biff Comic… EVER!!!

  18. DemonRex says:


  19. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    When i used to where contacts about four-five years ago, I got some dirt in my eye. I went to the bathroom to get the eyedrops, but accidently grabbed the cleaner for my contacts. That stuff BURNS when put directly into your eyes. It probably made my vision a little worse, too. I no longer wear contacts, but that’s only because they’re annoying.

  20. The Man says:

    well i dont plan on using lemon juice as eyedrops, but i did use taco sauce once. it was an accident. i was eating tacos in my room and had them on the bed while i sat in a chair next to the bed, and squeezed the packet. there was so much velocity apparently, that it splashed from the taco to my eyeball. i think it was in my good seeing eye too. dont know if that can beat spot knight though. i had the appearance of a pink eye fanatic.

  21. Super Llama says:

    I can sympathize with Biff somewhat. I was in chemistry class in middle school and I was dumb enough to look directly above something I was boiling without wearing goggles.

    Hot boiling science juice burns like hell.

  22. Jenny says:

    Normally Biff acts more passively when enduring the enormous pain he’s subject to with alarming frequency. Is he cringing because it hurts even more than a papercut, or does it hurt less, so he’s not paralyzed?

  23. Radical Edward says:

    I am currently sick and when my eyes began itching, not even my trusty eye drops could save me.

  24. Nicki says:

    ah! pain! my eyes are burning just at the thought of that! *winces*…

  25. LoNeSt4r says:

    I read this at work and just started laughing hysterically. People around me looked at me funny.

  26. Chris says:

    LoNeSt4r, awesome. 🙂

  27. Chester says:

    Its amazing how much they stress saftey goggles in high school, and yet you people STILL manage it somehow… Im lucky I never got hurt like that, nor contacts… things touching my eyes scare me.

  28. the Scarf says:

    according to these comments, half of you must have difficulty just seeing the comic…sheesh!

  29. DarthCraedos says:

    I’m pretty sure mine tops all so far…

    I’m cutting up habeneros to put into some home made salsa along with the red chilis and jalepenos when the running water from the facet as I’m washing them off makes me realize I need to go pee…

    Hot oils + certain body part = OWWW!

    It had that burning sensation for about 3 hours… *whimper*

  30. Lisa says:

    I reemember seeing a news article like this involving crazy glue

  31. Tuesday says:

    I once used protien removing contact cleaner as an eye drop once, having not seen the label. You know, the stuff you’re only supposed to use a DROP of in with the saline overnight? Yeah.

  32. Quikngruvn says:

    DarthCraedos, that reminds me of a life-lesson a friend in college discovered firsthand:

    “Never put Lysol on your genitalia.”

  33. Kadro says:

    Have you ever been eating an orange and the juice squirts you in the eye.
    Man, I hate it when that happens!

  34. Torg says:

    Quikngruvn, I could have used your wisdom yesterday…

  35. Randomgal says:

    Some days my eyes burn if i’m in one room for too long. Just a little at the corners. It’s really annoying. I can also poke my eyes without blinking. It confuses people 🙂

  36. Finn says:

    I once put TABASCO in my eye. After that I could have washed it away with lemon juice.

  37. Dark Nexus says:

    heres what happened 2 me, i ve only got one eye and im a messy eater, we were going all out with the samosas, u’know a litre wasabi, 2 cups pepper corns, and eneough jalapengnoses to melt steel,
    also we decided to try to make our own lemonade, were not good at it, we instead made lemon juice with sugar,

    so i eat the samosa and get everything on my hands then i have a drink and it splashes me in the eye, i instantly rub with my wasabi and jalapengno juice hands.

    temporary blind is an inconvenience, temporary blind by agony is like 100 years of hell crammed into 2 days, plus tormenting of my “friends” poking someone their blinded by pain is dangerous i KO-ed one of my mates first hit

    btw Randomgal
    i can stick my finger under my eye lid without flinching, my friend vomited

  38. Crazyeyes says:

    I got jalapoeno juice in my nose once…

  39. w00tmistressB says:

    Isn’t this a reincarnation of an older comic?

  40. Randomgal says:

    I was chewing gum and i blew a bubble. The gum popped at the right angle for all the air to go right into my eye. This has happened…3 or 4 times XD

  41. EchoLoco says:

    I never got anything too bad in my eye (that I can remember) but once in science class the lid on the little squirty bottle of hydrochloric acid (it has a pH of like 2) was stuck, so naturally I used my teeth to try to twist the cap loose. I ended up accidentally dringking like have the bottle. It actually tasted kinda like vinegar. (No permanent damage thank goodness!)

  42. Kazaaar says:

    “Hot boiling science juice burns like hell.” Great quote.

  43. Austin Kendall says:

    Ouch! I got hot sauce in my eye once. I was eating my chicken wings too fast and it splashed into my left eye, I think.

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