#48 – Teeth


0 thoughts on “#48 – Teeth”

  1. Steve Martini says:

    Ok, that would definately hurt!

  2. keng says:


  3. Yeti XXL says:

    it´s even worse with contact lenses in the eyes

  4. Fenix says:

    I don’t even want to imagine it… Ok, I do :D…

  5. DMC_Run says:

    OK, that explains the FIRST pain, but not the next, & the next, & the next… WHY would he LEAVE THEM THAT WAY???!?

  6. Kiche says:

    What, you that if you get an inexplicable pain somewhere in your body, you don’t repeat what you just did in an attempt to identify the cause of the pain? It’s a very basic medical technique.

  7. BOFH says:

    Kiche: It’s like that with us computer programmers. Someting goes wrong, wipes out the universe. We fix the universe and see if we can make the problem happen again. Simple.

  8. Neteeee says:


  9. zantarath says:

    Biff: ow! I… ow! bit… ow! myself… Ow!

  10. Malachite Dragon says:

    Bad Biff! No imitating Silent Hill!

  11. Radical Edward says:

    You know, there are a few people I know of (they’re in college, I should be, but I don’t want to) that need dentures. Of course, that has got to be the most painful thing to wake up to!

  12. DemonRex says:

    Hmm. Looks a bit like me after I got six teeth pulled and was high on nitrous oxide.

  13. Anime Panda says:


  14. Deteramot says:

    He bleeds black, the emo!

  15. Tasha says:

    @Deteramot: Actually, I think he’s bleeding ink.


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