#30 – Fish


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  1. Denieru says:

    Well, there’s always suicidal fish

  2. Chryssta says:

    You mean like the suicidal deer that like wandering in front of vehicles flying down the highway?

  3. Haragorn says:

    Why are his eyebrows so short in this one?

  4. Haragorn says:

    wait, nevermind

  5. Psychosis says:


  6. Ice says:

    Bet this one is on his list of biggest revelations about life. ^_^

  7. Malachite Dragon says:


  8. Female Fox Furry says:

    “You mean like the suicidal deer that like wandering in front of vehicles flying down the highway?”

    They aren’t suicidal… Just ‘not smart’. And they don’t realize that standing still while looking at a moving, strange looking object will get them hit.
    Rawr, damn humans…

  9. The Hebrew Hammer says:

    I dunno. A deer actually attacked my mom’s car once. Suicidal or Homocidal… The world may never know.

  10. Break Man says:

    To be fair, it is a loud, colorful and fast thing. It might’ve been perceived as a threat.

  11. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    I, too, would feel threatened if a loud, colorful and fast thing came flying through where i lived.

  12. Alex says:

    One time my uncle hit a moose. The moose didn’t die, it just got up and walk on top of his car, thus crushing it, and then walked away.
    As for suicidal fish, I was sport fishing once (sport fishing is when you release the fish you catch) and I caught the same fish 5 times in a row.

  13. Malachite Dragon says:

    Holy hell, Alex, why didnt you grant the poor fishies wish? Seriously! He’s either not right in the head or he wants to go home with you!

  14. DemonRex says:

    I’ve done that… the only reason I realized that it was the same fish was because it got the hook stuck in its head, and I had to cut my line.
    Then I noticed that the fish I was catching all had a bloody hook in their heads…
    I think the fish was either suicidal or some kinda masochist.

  15. topofmy_voice says:

    Either that, or the embedded hook affected its brain…

  16. Mr dude says:

    knowing biff, he’ll probably catch the shark from jaws, and end up with his arm bitten off…

  17. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    Biff would probably then jump in after it to get his arm back.

  18. DemonRex says:


  19. rat says:

    Yay! Fish!

  20. Mr dude says:

    and biff learned to talk!!! hurrah!!

  21. ThePhill says:

    I have done the same thing as him. Sat and waited for hours. My eyebrows almost beat his. But seriously I’ve hit 6 deer in the past two years while over 9 have run into the side of my truck. I’m voting homicidal for the deers. They want to enslave us all. *mic check* Did I do that right? Can I please not die tonite? * screen blacks out*

  22. Radical Edward says:

    This wouldn’t be the first time fish hate him. Think about the lake and motorcycle.

  23. K says:

    On the topic of deer above…

    I once passed a sign in Canada which I swear was warning passers of the presence of kung-fu fighting deer. It had a stylized car speeding forward, and a deer rising up at an incline, ready to lash out with a rear hoof in a flying kick through the windhsield and into the driver.

    Fortunately the Kodiak Corps, I’m told, help keep the Kung-Fu Fighting Deer from dominating the north.

  24. Kaikuro says:

    Is that a poke’ball on the end of his fishing rod?

  25. Jimmix of Eriador says:

    Profound thought No. 2: Maybe the pizza isn’t ready to fly.

  26. gurgi says:

    try not to fish for piranhas-result is loss of eyebrow. hence why biff’s eyebrows are so short

  27. Marr965 says:

    Nah, he’s using them as bait

  28. scutter_2 says:

    “What’s the matter Moriarty? Don’t you like fishing?”
    “How do you catch fish like this? We’ve got no rods!”
    “Well, they’ve got to die some time.”

  29. Oh. . .
    Oh god. . .
    x_x I feel so bad about this.
    One time I was down at my step-grandfathers fishing hole (dug it himself, filled it himself, bought the catfish eggs and raised them himself) and we were fishing (we never keep them, we throw them back, its just for fun) There’s not only catfish in there, there’s some other shallower type fish since its rare the catfish ever come up to our bait.
    Well, I was 13 (For reference I’m 19 now) and being a jackass and I’d thrown in my hook without bait. Well, one of the fish bit! Everyone was stunned. I decided to throw it in again afterward and waited…
    and waited…
    and waited.
    After that we were about to go in, so I jerked up on my pole to take it out (I shouldnt have- again, I was 13 and an asshole.)
    I speared a poor innocent fish that was simming by through the side just beneath his gills. Ugh. x_x I nearly screamed, we got him off the hook and threw him backin. I havent fished since and I STILL feel terrible about it…

  30. The Jester says:

    …am I the only one who immediately thought of a Pokeball upon looking at the bobber? xD;

  31. spidercow says:

    LOL I am apparently really good at fishing (which is surprising, since i have absolutely no patience). Like one time when I was like 8 or 9, i went up to a lake in wisconsin on vacation (some member of our family has a cabin by a lake there, idk who). So anyway I was fishing in the lake when I just randomly started catching fish. I caught like 30 fish without even trying, and we all ate fish for dinner that night. My grandpa says i get it from him, but all he caught that day was a snail. (he forgot to put a bobber on his line and it sunk and a snail crawled up on it.)

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